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The QueueJul 22, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Wait, it’s time to write the Queue again?

Every week! Every week Friday sneaks up on me! How does Friday happen? Where does it come from? How is it always a surprise?

I don’t have answers to these questions, but I’m going to try to answer your questions. Let’s Queue.


QftQ, what if I don’t praise Yogg?

You really ought to be looking for another Old God to praise, because I feel like Yogg has a temper. You may want to have another Old God to take you under its wing… er, under its tentacle, I suppose.

Personally, I recommend N’Zoth. It is the kindest of Old Gods, and has only ever wanted to help us. I don’t know why you wouldn’t praise it.


Q4tQ If you had a limitless budget and access to everything needed to create it, what would you cosplay as?

Honestly, I wouldn’t. My own attempts at cosplay have shown that I get anxious when other people stare at me, and people admiring the awesome costume you’ve made is the whole point of cosplay. So, really, I have to pass.


Are the Dracthyr classes considered “heroic” like DHs and DKs?

Yes, Dracthyr start at level 58 and have their own starting experience to level through on their way to 60 — and to the Dragon Isles. Expect an experience much like the game’s other hero classes when you get started.


With the XP boost on right now it probably doesn’t make sense to do anything but the threads of fate does it?

If you’re looking to level expediently, Threads of Fate is the way to go. There’s not as much trekking all over the map, and there are no meandering quest chains: you get straight to the leveling. Spending more time killing things for experience lets you make the most of the short time the leveling boost is active (only until August 2). It shouldn’t take any time at all to zoom that new alt up to max.


Q4tLiz: thoughts on the trailer for the D&D movie?

Every D&D campaign is about someone doing something incredibly stupid because it amused them, or perhaps they thought it was the right thing at the time. But always, inevitably, Mistakes Are Made. Idiots doing dumb things for no particular reason is the foundation upon which D&D is built. The idiots are us, and we have always had fun with it.

In short, the trailer captures the D&D experience perfectly.


What do you think of buying nerdy statues? How much is too much to spend on one? What character(s) would make you change your mind on that? Would you choose to instead spend the money on an art commission?

I’m certainly not going to spend $1100 on that new Reinhardt statue. Okay, it is a “premium” statue, but that much money would also pay my mortgage for the month.

As you may be aware, I write for a living, and aside from some edge cases, writing is not usually a lucrative career. So if I spend a lot of money on something, it’s either gotta be something I’m going to use all the time or something I really, really love. And these collector’s statues just don’t fit the bill. For my part, I’d like to live with less stuff. I don’t need more things sitting on shelves that I’ll have to dust. I don’t need another expensive collectible for a fad interest that I may forget about next year.

I still have a lot of stuff. Too much, really. But these days I subscribe to the Marie Kondo approach: if I have something in my home, it should be something I really love. I have to live in my home every day, and the things I surround myself with should make me happy insomuch as is possible. That means most of my nerdy purchases are fairly curated these days… and honestly, if I did have the cash to throw around I’d commission someone to make something really cool specifically for me. I have some paintings of my Warcraft characters that I really love, including a Wrath-era rendition of my Blood Elf Paladin, sized to put in a BlizzCon badge, which was done by then fellow WoW Insider writer Zach Yonzon. It’s the character I play today, and all these years later it’s still stuck above my desk.

Looking at it makes me happy. And that’s the whole point of having things. They should make you happy.

I’m positive an $1100 Reinhardt statue will not make me happy the way that little drawing — which Zach gave me for $0 — does.

I hope you all have a very lovely Friday. Be happy and surround yourself by things and people who make you happy. Pet a dog (or a cat). Fly a kite. Play a video game. Be happy every minute you can, because life is just too short not to.

Take care, folks, and I’ll see you all back here next week. 💙

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