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WoWSep 9, 2022 2:00 pm CT

We pressed randomize 100 times to see character customizations for the Dracthyr Visage form

We’ve been having a lot of fun in the Dragonflight beta — when we manage to tear ourselves away from the Dracthyr character creator. Let’s face it, everyone knows the first boss you face in any video game is character creation, where you must make your character look absolutely perfect. Early in its history, this semi-minigame wasn’t quite as compelling as it can be now, with just a handful of very specific faces to choose from. With the modular choices available now — particularly for the ultra-customizable Dracthyr —it can take ages to settle on the perfect look.

But hey, if you’re having a bit of analysis paralysis, why not take the randomize button for a spin? We tried it for you, both as a way to showcase what you can expect when you get to play with it yourself, and to show off just how cool some of these appearance combinations can be. There are 50 options for Body 1 and 50 options for Body 2 — though you may notice there was a little bit of a speed bump when we swapped around.

We ran through the options pretty quickly, so if there’s any specific appearance you like, feel free to pause the video to get a better look.

I think my personal favorite appearances include the teals, or maybe the greens. I have a feeling my Dracthyr is going to be some flavor of caster, I suppose. They’ve included a lot of different color temperatures in the various sliders, so if my transmog is a slightly more yellow-tinted green, I can find something that doesn’t clash and swap my appearance pretty easily in the Barber Shop. Even when the colors would ordinarily clash, they still seem to gel pretty well overall. Plus, all those new hair options are gorgeous. The ombres in particular really catch my eye — I hope we see some more of these coming to the existing races soon.

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