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The QueueNov 8, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: As a bee

Did you ever look through your schedule for the day and forget something really, really important which makes it so you have to reorder just about everything? Anyway, apparently my kids have a distance learning day today so I really need to make this brief.

This is The Queue where you ask us questions and we give you the answers. As long as we remember to. No big whoop.


QftQ: What talent in your main class spec’s trees best describes you?

Brutal Companion or Master Handler.

I will not be acknowledging questions, commentary, or innuendo at this time.


Q4tQ: is it just me or are Horde cities needlessly difficult to get around? I took some alts to the Darkmoon Faire on Horde-side for the first time, and it took me forever to make my way to the flight master, then I had to find a mailbox in Thunder Bluff. Both of these trips involved elevators. I remember having similar problems with Undercity. After so long in Stormwind (which is sensibly laid out) and Ironforge (which is a giant circle), this seems very strange.

Alliance cities are laid out so that there’s mostly a central hub and it makes some degree of sense where things are laid out based on professions and flavor. Navigating a circle is easy, and the districts are named in a way which mostly makes sense thematically to the things that are found there. Mage Quarter, okay, definitely stuff for Mages, so magic trainers, tailoring trainers, scribes, maybe a wand vendor.

However, the Alliance cities are huge, and those tailored districts only really matter to lowbies — and frankly, usually it doesn’t even matter then, because we don’t often need to visit our class trainers. It’s mostly just profession trainers and occasionally the war mode NPCs, all of whom are flung to the winds. And because of those tailored districts, though Stormwind has added a few, there are very few places of utility once you’re at those higher levels.

By contrast, Horde cities remind me a whole lot of those old European cities which just organically sprang up over time. They tend to be a disorganized mess, but there are multiples of every kind of shop and utility sprinkled through the city, because that’s what people needed as the city expanded. Once you know your way around it’s easy but if you’re a tourist holding a map looking for an intuitive color-coded way back to the one centralized train station you’re screwed.

Personally, my favorite AH was always the one on Thunder Bluff, but the one by the fishing trainer in Org is the one I use most often.


Am I missing out on anything by not killing Doomwalker or the other guys? Like, mounts/toys? Gear is irrelevant, I don’t need it.

There are Timewalking Badges if you’re collecting those, and there’s always a case to be made for a dash of good-natured celebration to break up the monotony of regular daily quests and other needfuls.

But in practical terms, if you got all the stuff from it last year, then not really.


QftQ: The NYT has declared brunch the “most hated meal.” Do you or anyone you know actually suffer from brunch hatred?

What kind of monster would turn up their nose at simultaneous socially accepted mimosas and coffee with crispy hash browns on the side, especially since you’re still going to be on time if you’re rolling out of bed at 11 am? I could definitely make a case for chefs hating it — anything involving poached eggs sucks, let alone having to hold a hollandaise — but in terms of consumption it’s perfect, and I’ll absolutely fight you in the comments about it.

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