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Discussion > WoWNov 9, 2022 8:00 am CT

What if the WoW Anniversary World Bosses were just… always up?

It’s the 18th Anniversary of World of Warcraft and as a special treat we can run around murdering the various World Bosses of early-2000s WoW, from Kazzak to Azuregos to the Dragons of Nightmare, with a special appearance from The Burning Crusade World Boss Doomwalker. At present, these powerful old monsters drop ilevel 272 gear, which is pretty great for people who are currently or have just recently leveled an alt to level 60 or started playing the game again after taking a break during Shadowlands.

One of the things I think whenever one of these anniversary events or special return of older content takes place is that I am a selfish, greedy person and I want more. More more more, in my best Billy Idol impression. I want these World Bosses to be constantly available. I want their loot tables to be updated to be competitive for whatever the current gear level in the expansion is doing. So to use the current situation, if these World Bosses had been available in Shadowlands, I would want their gear drops to scale with whatever is dropping in the most current raid tier.

You’re a madman, Rossi, and you must be stopped at all costs, you may be thinking. Personally I think that’s a bit much, but I don’t know how dedicated you are in your opposition to allowing players to keep killing Kazzak for a continuously updated Eskhandar’s Pelt. Why do you hate fun, strawman I constructed just to rhetorically joust with?

I’m willing to accept that there might be a downside to my idea, but even so, I don’t see why the World Bosses shouldn’t be evergreen content — and not just the original WoW flavors. Why shouldn’t Doom Lord Kazzak be a continuing menace? Why not see the Sha from Mists of Pandaria as a rotating threat?

Here we are at the part of the post where I ask y’all, the readers at home, what your opinion is. Why shouldn’t World Bosses be forever content? Why shouldn’t we get to kill them in every expansion?

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