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The QueueJan 30, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Like a bolt from the blue

Still no Heroic Raszageth for me, but I did get this nice consolation prize from our Normal Raszageth kill!

I was surprised at how much our first night of Heroic progression on her mirrored our Normal progression. All of the pain points were the same basically. She doesn’t have massively different mechanics from what we’ve seen so far. I did notice that it’s possible we’re going to be running into a tough slog through the final platform if our performance on the second platform and breaking her shield was any indication.

Still, more practice, and we’ll get it I’m sure! In the meantime, I’ll enjoy my new extra shiny-looking dragon. I wonder how the other dragons feel about seeing all these stormy proto-drakes rolling around Valdrakken. Probably better than a Draenei who sees Shackled Ur’zul’s do…

While I look into the moral and ethical ramifications of some of our mounts, it’s time for — The Queue.


So is it going to take weeks to get the sunglasses otter? With a perception enchant and potion i got 2 copper coins in 30 mins.

Is it better to fish outside fish pools or in different zones?

Also is the only form of artisan consortium rep the weekly quests and the inscription wq item?

Hopefully not! Otto is great and everyone should get their own sunglasses wearing otter if they can!

I would definitely be in the same boat as you in regards to the coins if I didn’t get unbelievably lucky and fish up a gold coin within my first hour. Otherwise in all of the fishing I’ve done since I’ve gotten about 11 copper coins.

Looking for a lunker farming group in the group finder is probably the best/fastest way to farm the coins. You’ll be so good at throwing harpoons at things by the time you’re done. Maybe you’ll also get some of the Tuskarr fishing upgrade items along the way!

Those seem to be the only sources for Consortium Rep as far as I’ve seen. Of course, I haven’t had the opportunity to do any public work orders as I don’t have any of the leatherworking patterns that people really seem to want. So there could be some there if you’re grabbing a bunch of public work orders.


I want to place my very first crafting order, but I have no idea how much to pay in commission. When I click the gavel it gives me nothing, no matter what item I’m looking at. Is there an addon or a website or something where you can see how much people usually pay? I don’t want to put too little and have no one make my thing, or too much and lose thousands of gold like some chump.

I think you’ve just stumbled into a situation that’s kind of murky. Even just talking about getting my Elemental Lariat crafted tonight with some friends we all paid wildly different amounts to the same crafter — our range was about 1k-20k for commissions. It just depends on how generous you’re feeling I’d say. There is no limit on the number of personal work orders that a crafter can do as well, so if you can find someone in trade chat who has the skills to make the item you want at the ilevel that you want — any commission is still free gold to them that doesn’t take the place of any other potential commission.

Of course, you could also just ask them how much they’d like in that case. Maybe they’ll say an amount that’s far and away above what you feel that’s worth and then you’ll have a good idea of what your limit is.


Whatever they did to the community feast I approve! I was able to complete the 5 tasks quests and got half my weekly rep in one go.

Yes Chef!

The changes are all things from the latest patch. Now there’s a mount exclusion zone around the soup pot, as well as a zone that makes toys disappear almost instantly. So no more Turnip Punching Bags keeping you in combat while you’re trying to fish up whatever fish you’ve just been asked to get. It’s also easier now to get the quest to do five tasks, as it’s available sooner, and saying “Yes Chef!” and tossing in meat from a beast that attacked the pot both count as a task completed.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I went to do it this week at the changes. More quality of life changes like this, please!


Q4tQ: The trading hub is going to be so dang neat! Are there any things in particular that you are looking forward to getting with this update?

I want it all!

There’s some very shiny stuff coming and I’m glad to have some reasons to go out into the world and do activities that might’ve fallen by the wayside like the holiday events. Even if they weren’t about to get revamps and new content over the rest of the year as new patches land.

I still am hoping that they put Pandaria Challenge Mode armors back into the game that way. I’d love to get the Druid set since it’s been my main for so long. It’s not my Druids fault I didn’t play it back in Pandaria! It shouldn’t be punished anymore.


Q4tQ: How badly do you think it would break the game if Blizz implemented checkpoints for these long 15 minute end raid boss fights? Make it just for LFR / Normal / Heroic difficulty, but once you manage to get into phase 2, you always start the fight from phase 2

I don’t like the idea really for the difficulties above LFR. I don’t mind it for LFR since the big difficulty there is the coordination of the group not being the same as an organized event. There aren’t voice comms and people don’t have a leader to listen to. It’s a different beast from the other difficulties and could be treated as such there.

I think that the major reason we don’t see this is that all of a sudden the fight becomes a push to phase two no matter the cost. So you’ll use lust and potions and every other bit of power you have to just get one player barely over that line so that now you can do all of that again for the back half of the fight. Sure sometimes you lust on the pull, but there are plenty of fights where you need to save that for the end.

When you have that final burn phase on a long fight some of the difficulty comes from having resources like lust, battle res, cooldowns, and even just mana available to get your group over the line. Think Steve Rogers battered and beaten and somehow able to stand up and say “I can do this all day.”

If the fight has really gotten to the point that it’s too long, rather than add a checkpoint, they should just split the fight into two different fights like Spine of Deathwing and Madness of Deathwing. If the Sylvanas encounter had been more varied from the first phase to the last phase I wouldn’t have been surprised to see that and have the chain section just be the trash leading into the final room. Maybe it was at one point and they pulled back because they didn’t have enough mechanics to give to two different Sylvanas fights.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Bolt from the Blue

Happy Monday everybody, don’t forget to leave Anna lots of questions for tomorrow! I know I just asked her for some help with Immortality over the weekend, and I’m sure that she’d have more to say about that one…

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