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5 great decks to use for Marvel SNAP’s Featured Location, Sacred Timeline

Marvel SNAP rolled out the first Featured Location of the new Into the Quantum Realm season, Sacred Timeline. Are we just going to start putting the word “quantum” in front of everything? No, but we are going to make sure we have a tie-in to the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania movie, which is coming to theatres Thursday, February 16.

Featured Locations, for those unaware, typically change over on Tuesdays and make a specific location more likely to appear. They are usually worth some deck adjustments if you’re looking to win some matches.

Let’s take a look at some great deck lists to use while Sacred Timeline is the Featured Location, though all of these decks will work to your benefit whenever you encounter the Sacred Timeline Location in the future.

What is the Sacred Timeline in Marvel lore?

The outstanding Loki Disney+ series introduced viewers to the sacred timeline. It was the one true path as selected by the Time Variance Authority (TVA) under the direction of He Who Remains. When someone deviates from their destiny on the sacred timeline, the TVA jumps into action and prunes that person and that timeline. Only the sacred timeline can remain. If you haven’t seen Loki, I highly recommend it. (Like I said, I’m a company man.)

What’s the key to winning when Sacred Timeline is up?

In Marvel SNAP, Sacred Timeline bares a striking resemblance to The Raft (Whoever fills this location first draws a 6-Cost card. It costs 0). Instead of getting a 6-cost card, the first player to fill Sacred Timeline gets a copy of their hand. If both players fill the Location with cards on the same turn, both players get a copy of their hand. It is important to remember tokens from cards like Mister Sinister (On Reveal: Add a Sinister Clone to this location with the same Power) or Brood (On Reveal: Add 2 Broodlings to this location with the same Power) won’t count until after their On Reveal. If your opponent fills the Location, and then you fill it with tokens after an On Reveal, you won’t get credit. However, if the token fills the Location and your opponent has yet to fill their side, you will credit for filling it first.

One strategy is to not play your 1-Energy card if Sacred Timeline is not the first Location revealed. You can then play two 1-Energy cards on the Sacred Timeline Location on turn two if Sacred Timeline is revealed.

Great decks to use on Sacred Timeline


This is a deck that’s all-in on grabbing Sacred Timeline. It guarantees you’ll have Quicksilver on turn one and Domino (You always draw this card on turn 2, and not before) on turn two. With 0-Energy cards Yellow Jacket and Wasp, you could potentially have 3 cards on Sacred Timeline on turn one.

It also runs Uatu the Watcher (Once this is in your hand, you can see the unrevealed locations) to let you know where Sacred Timeline will appear. If you play your cards right, you could grab Sacred Timeline on the turn it reveals (except for turn one.) Polaris helps you fight for Sacred Timeline by yanking one of your opponent’s cards off the Location. Drax, Gamora and Giganto help give the deck the power it needs in the later turns.

Quicksilver deck code:



The Location stresses having early turn plays, but those cards can be too weak to contest Locations later in the game. We need to buff those cards up. Enter definitely not Tarzan, Ka-Zar. If Ka-Zar was in your opening hand, all the better.

This deck features seven 1-Energy cards which should give you plenty of options to fill Sacred Timeline in a hurry. All those small plays should help buff up your Bishop (When you play a card, this gains +1 Power), and leave your deck empty for Strong Guy (Ongoing: If your hand is empty, +6 Power). Iron Man (Ongoing: Your total Power is doubled at this location) is a great finisher.

Ka-Zar deck code:



Much like Ka-Zar, Cerebro provides an option to buff your cards. This deck is centered around cards with 2-Power which Cerebro will make 4-Power. Two Cerebros will make your cards 6-Power. Blue Marvel (Ongoing: Your other cards have +1 Power) and Iron Man round out your buffers.

Half the deck is 2-Energy or less so you should have a good shot at grabbing Sacred Timeline. The deck also runs Goose (Ongoing: Nobody can play cards that cost 4, 5, or 6 at this location) which should limit the cards your opponent can play.

Cerebro deck code:


Quinjet / DD

Quinjet will reduce the cost of cards generated by Agent 13, Cable, Sentinel, White Queen, Moon Girl, Nick Fury, and, if you’re quick enough, Sacred Timeline. Devil Dinosaur (Ongoing: +2 Power for each card in your hand) is a your big stat monster. Collector (When a card enters your hand from anywhere (except your deck), +1 Power) can be buffed by Sacred Timeline generating cards. If you can hit the board with him, he can really grow in this deck. You can use Nick Fury (On Reveal: Add 3 random 6-Cost cards to your hand) on turn six simply to buff your Dino, or to create options if you didn’t draw DD.

Quinjet Deck code:


Counter deck (budget deck)

1-Energy cards will be everywhere as players contest Sacred Timeline. That makes Eric Killmonger very happy. The buffer cards are all Ongoing effects that Enchantress (On Reveal: Remove the abilities from all Ongoing cards at this location) can shut down. If it looks like your opponent will grab Sacred Timeline, flood it out with Storm.

Zabu (Ongoing: Your 4-Cost cards cost 2 less (minimum 1)) gives you explosive late turns that will outclass the zoo decks, especially after your use Enchantress on their Devil Dinosaur, Ka-Zar, or Iron Man. Even better, every card in this deck is Series 1, 2, or 3. No expensive Series 4 or 5 cards needed, though it does need the past season’s card with Zabu.

Counter Deck code:


What are your ideas?

Sacred Timeline highlights the decision of how all-in you want to go for the Featured Location. Keep in mind that even as the Featured Location, there will still be matches that you don’t see Sacred Timeline. Make sure your deck is flexible enough that you don’t have to retreat if you don’t get Sacred Timeline in your Location pool.

Whether Sacred Timeline is in your Location pool due to the event, or just one of the randomly chosen ones after the event, hopefully these decks and tips help you win!

What other great decks have you used with Sacred Timeline? Let us know in the comments.

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