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WoWMar 23, 2023 2:00 pm CT

Where to find new Dragon Glyphs in the Forbidden Reach in patch 10.0.7

Patch 10.0.7 is live and the Forbidden Reach is now open to all — complete with a plethora of new rares, achievements, and eight new Dragon Riding Glyphs to collect. Unlike the original glyphs which were largely located at the top of high peaks, these new glyphs are generally lower down and hidden a bit more sneakily, so they can be a little harder to find, but it’s worth it because finding all eight of them lets you unlock two new Dragon Riding talents Aerial Halt and Airborne Recovery:

  • Aerial Halt allows you to break suddenly while in the air — note that it isn’t a hover option, but will at least help stop you from over shooting your target.
  • Airborne Recovery allows you to regenerate 1 Vigor if you are affected by Thrill of the Skies when you use Aerial Halt, making it easier to start moving again.

Like the previous zone-based glyph achievements, the Forbidden Reach Glyph Hunter achievement requires you to collect all eight glyphs and gives you the name of the glyphs to give you a hint of where to go looking.

Now let’s hunt down those Glyphs. Here’s where to find every Dragon Riding Glyph in the Forbidden Reach.

Dragon Glyphs: Talon’s Watch

/way #2151 20.56 91.40 Talon’s Watch

This first glyph is the trickiest — the catch is that it is located on an island away from the main Forbidden Reach questing zones and requires you to fly across a fatigue zone to reach it. In addition to being in a remote location, it’s tucked inside the base of a broken tower.

Dragon Glyphs: The Frosted Spine

/way #2151 48.51 68.97 The Frosted Spine

This glyph is located near a rare chest event, so you may want to grab a buddy or two and complete the event if it’s up while collecting this glyph.

Dragon Glyphs: Talonlords’ Perch

/way #2151 59.05 65.08 Talonlords’ Perch

This glyph may take a few passes to collect — you have to thread between the tines of the tower to collect it. I found landing and then launching up within the “cage” was the easiest way to hit it.

Dragon Glyphs: Stormsunder Mountain

/way #2151 77.29 55.10 Stormsunder Mountain

This one was fairly straightforward, just fly through it and keep going.

Dragon Glyphs: Dragonskull Island

/way #2151 79.55 32.64 Dragonskull Island

Tucked away on the far side of this island to the East of the Forbidden Reach zone – there is a rare on the front of the island.

Dragon Glyphs: Froststone Peak

/way #2151 62.54 32.38 Froststone Peak

This glyph is located under the dome of the highest tower at this location. There are several elites roaming around under the dome.

Dragon Glyphs: Caldera of the Menders

/way #2151 37.69 30.69 Caldera of the Menders

This glyph is located in the top of a broken tower — it’s more visible from above and drove me slightly crazy trying to find it from below.

Dragon Glyphs: Winglord’s Perch

/way #2151 18.38 13.20 Winglord’s Perch

This glyph is also located in the top of a broken tower, on an island out to the North West corner of the zone near the Vortex Pet Battle World Quest.

Happy exploring!

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