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Overwatch 2Apr 11, 2023 1:00 pm CT

How to get started with Lifeweaver, the newest Overwatch 2 support hero

With the launch of Overwatch 2 Season 4 comes the newest addition to the roster — Lifeweaver, a support hero. This utility healer joins the ranks of popular healers like Mercy and Lucio, but has control abilities that closely resemble those of Mei and Brigitte. In fact, some of these abilities have not been seen in Overwatch 2 before, making Lifeweaver truly unique in that respect.

Let’s take a look at Lifeweaver’s abilities and how they might best be used in the game.

What are Lifeweaver’s abilities in Overwatch 2?

Lifeweaver is primarily a healer but can do significant damage with his Thorn Volley ability when the moment calls for it. He is useful in managing the crowd by yeeting powerful enemies away from the battle and by throwing up a shield to protect his allies. If you’re playing against Lifeweaver, know that he has the ability to change the playing field with just one petal.

Lifeweaver's Healing Blossom

Healing Blossom (Primary 1)

Healing Blossom is Lifeweaver’s primary fire ability (right-click). In Lifeweaver’s hand is a lotus blossom. Fast clicking sends small bursts of healing to the intended target. If you click and hold, it charges the ability and gives the target a larger burst of healing. As this is Lifeweaver’s main healing ability, this is what you will use more often than not. But keep in mind the healing bursts are small, so you will need to judge when smaller bursts are more effective than larger bursts. In my playthroughs, I kept the healing on the main damage dealers and had some success in keeping them alive. Waiting for the larger bursts wasn’t always an option, but if you have about two seconds to spare, then do it.

This ability has 12 charges before Lifeweaver has to “reload,” so be sure to keep your eye on the count so you’re not caught without healing when you need it.

Lifeweaver's Thorn Volley

Thorn Volley (Primary 2)

While Lifeweaver is a highly effective healer, he is not without some sort of damage ability. This is where Thorn Volley comes in. Thorn Volley is the alternate primary fire ability (right-click). To select this ability, hit the number 2, and you will see Lifeweaver’s hand load up with biolight thorns. These thorns can hit targets from a short distance and can do enough damage to turn the tide of the match. Remember, when using Thorn Volley, you will be unable to heal your allies, so be aware of what is going on before taking yourself off of healing.

Thorn Volley can be incredibly useful during pushes or when supporting the main damage dealer. This ability has 60 shots before Lifeweaver has to reload. You can shoot projectiles one at a time, or if you click and hold, these thorns will shoot out in rapid succession.

Lifeweaver's Petal Platform

Petal Platform (Secondary)

Petal Platform is the secondary fire ability for Lifeweaver (left-click). This ability creates a platform that can either lift allies to higher ground or inconvenience enemy heroes for a few seconds by lifting them out of the battle. The platform stays active for a few seconds, but it can only go up. There is no way to bring it back down. For an ally, this can be incredibly handy in a firefight, but for an enemy, being lifted out of the battle for even a few seconds can break the momentum or disrupt an Ultimate. Couple the Petal Platform with Thorn Volley, and you can isolate a single hero and do some damage. On the other hand, you can also save an ally by getting them out of harm’s way for a second so you can heal them. Once used, this ability has a 10-second cooldown.

One thing to remember about using the Petal Platform is that enemies and allies can use the platform to perform a super high jump when timed right. For allies, this could mean positioning in higher vantage points, but it could also be the same for enemy Heroes. Still, the Petal Platform is incredibly useful.

Lifeweaver's Rejuvenating Dash

Rejuvenating Dash (L-Shift)

Rejuvenating Dash is an ability that allows Lifeweaver to heal himself with a quick dash. This is useful when taking on damage as you can also move out of a potentially sticky situation while also providing yourself with a little bit of healing. This ability gives Lifeweaver some ability to keep himself going, especially if he finds himself isolated. One tactic that could prove useful is combining this with Petal Platform. Use the platform to take you up and dash to take you away. It could definitely be the difference between being taken down by a Hero and saving an ally (or yourself).

Lifeweaver's Life Grip

Life Grip (E)

Life Grip is an ability that allows Lifeweaver to create a biolight bubble that envelops an ally and pulls them towards him. While within Life Grip, allies are invulnerable to all damage. The purpose of Life Grip is to protect, so if you see an ally being cornered by several enemy Heroes or your main damage dealer is being bombarded, Life Grip will grab them, protect them, and pull them away from the fray. Of course, this ability is all about timing because the last thing you want to do is pull an ally away when positioning themselves for a push or defense or when they’re about to Ult. Fortunately, Life Grip will not disrupt an Ally who is already ulting. Whew!

Ultimate: Tree of Life (Q)

Tree of Life is Lifeweaver’s Ultimate. Lifeweaver can call up a biolight Tree and place it anywhere on the battlefield. Once placed, the Tree of Life sends out waves of healing energy. Any ally within the range of the Tree of Life not only receives healing, but they are impervious to attacks. As a support Hero, this Ultimate is incredible and can really help the team in their time of need. But again, it’s all about timing, placement, and communication. If you are playing Lifeweaver and plan on dropping this tree, be sure to let the team know where it’s going to pop. There were times when I placed it in the wrong area, and it didn’t help as much as I would have liked.

Lifeweaver’s overall kit is one of healing and protection

If you are like me and rarely play support characters, Lifeweaver might be a fantastic choice to get you comfortable in the role. His kit gives you support and protection abilities, a little bit of defense, and self-sustainability, making him a well-rounded threat in a match. He can position allies, out-position enemies, and get himself out of harm’s way with a dash and a platform. Overall, Lifeweaver brings something new and unique to Overwatch 2‘s support roster and could be one of the most highly enjoyable characters available.

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