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When will Diablo Immortal Season 13 Start?

Diablo Immortal‘s Seasons are a speedy affair, typically lasting 28 days compared to the three or four month season cycle we see in Diablo 2 Resurrected or Diablo 3. Every Season in Diablo Immortal brings a new patch with game updates, but also a new Battle Pass with cosmetics and rewards — and just a month to earn them. Season 12 just started on April 13, which means Season 13 isn’t far away.

The very rigid system for Seasons in Diablo Immortal means they start and end like a train schedule, and Season 12, the Heroes of Unification season, doesn’t break the mold. Season 12 has the same size Battle Pass system as every other Diablo Immortal season, with 40 ranks to progress through, and it will presumably take the usual 28 days to complete. Therefore, Diablo Immortal Season 13 is likely to start on May 11 at 3 am server time.

I personally kind of wish the Seasons in DI were 56 days or 8 weeks in duration, because the current system means I felt compelled to log on every day or risk missing out on a Season, because it takes a lot of gameplay to get through 40 ranks of Battle Pass rewards. These 28 day Seasons just don’t give you a lot of time, and if you aren’t logging on regularly you aren’t going to unlock all of the rewards — which is particularly important with the paid Battle Pass which has unique cosmetic rewards at the end.

But my opinion on the length of Seasons aside, Seasons in Diablo Immortal are far more predictable reliable than those in any other Diablo game. We can predict pretty accurately when the next season will start, and how much work it will be to get through the usual 40 ranks of Battle Pass. And knowing exactly what to expect may help you set aside just as much playtime as you need — which is much more difficult in Diablo 3, where Seasons can be as short as 7 weeks and as long as 25 weeks. Instead, Diablo Immortal Seasons are guaranteed to last about a month.

Look for Diablo Immortal Season 13 to start on May 11, 2023.

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