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Hearthstone > Hide From HomepageMay 31, 2023 9:00 am CT

When is the next Hearthstone mini-set release date?

While we don’t have an official release date yet, we’re confident that the next Hearthstone mini-set will be released around October 2023. This educated guess is based on the release dates for previous expansions and mini-sets. Hearthstone expansions are usually released four months apart from one another, and a mini-set comes right between two expansions.

The next mini-set will be the eighth one ever released for Hearthstone. Previous mini-sets have included:

Each mini-set can be purchased with either 2000 in-game gold, or $15 if you decide to go the real money rout. Purchasing a mini-set gives you access to every card that’s included in it — one copy of every Legendary, plus two copies of every non-Legendary card. The last couple mini-sets have also included all-Golden versions, for 10000 in-game gold, or $70, which are composed Golden versions of every card and an extra Diamond Legendary.

Every card included in a mini-set counts as being part of the actual expansion they’re linked to. This means that even if you don’t purchase the mini-set itself — getting immediate access to those new cards — you’ll still be able to acquire them by opening packs, since cards released in a mini-set become available on the regular packs of that expansion moving forward.

Since mini-sets are usually released in the middle of an expansion’s life cycle, they give developers a chance to make balance corrections to the game. These sets usually add cards that empower archetypes that are under-performing, or introduce counter-play options against certain decks that might be dominating the ladder.

So there you have it: While we’re still missing official confirmation, the usual cadence for sets and mini-sets follows a cycle, which points to a October 2023 release date for the next Hearthstone mini-set.

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