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Diablo > Diablo 4Jul 31, 2023 10:00 am CT

How to get a Wrathful Malignant Invoker in Diablo 4 Season 1

The odds are good that if you’re playing Diablo 4‘s Season 1 content, after you skip or complete the campaign you’ll find yourself diving into the Malignant Tunnels in search of Malignant Hearts — while none of them will make or break a build quite like legendary aspects, they provide varied and powerful effects. While advancing to higher World Tiers will naturally get you more powerful Brutal, Vicious, and Devious Hearts, the real powers lie in the wildcard Wrathful Hearts. Wrathful Hearts can fit into any of the three socket types and provide powers that can’t cleanly be separated into utility, defense, or offense.

While you’ll get a single Wrathful Heart as a drop from the boss at the end of Cormond’s seasonal storyline, you’ll also notice that all the Malignant Tunnels that allow you to use an Invoker to get a specific kind of heart at the end also feature — no matter the Tunnel’s type — a Wrathful Outgrowth as well. There are also at least two entries in the Seasonal Journey that require you to use a Wrathful Invoker and get a Wrathful Heart, which all begs the question: how do you get Wrathful Invokers?

Unfortunately, the answer is that it’s all up to chance.

At Cormond’s Workbench — both the one in Kyovashad and also his wagons set up across the world map — you will be able to craft three categories of things: random hearts of each type, specific Invokers, and two other items: the Uncertain Heart and the Uncertain Invoker. You will quickly notice that you cannot craft a Wrathful Invoker directly. It turns out the only way to make them is to craft the Uncertain Invoker; this item requires 1000 Gold, 40 Vicious Malignant Ichor, 40 Devious Malignant Ichor, and 40 Brutal Malignant Ichor. And as the name implies, you’re not guaranteed to get a Wrathful Invoker at all — the Uncertain Invoker seems to simply give you a random Invoker with a small chance of being Wrathful.

Therefore, the best chance you have of getting a Wrathful Invoker is to run a variety of Malignant Tunnels, picking up a variety of Malignant Hearts that you can salvage into Ichor, crafting Uncertain Invokers, and crossing your fingers for a Wrathful Invoker. Good luck!

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