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Phil Ulrich

Phil Ulrich @stoppableforce — Phil Ulrich is a software developer from Cincinnati, an amateur game dev, a heroic raid leader for a guild full of retired ex-raid-leaders, and sometimes even a writer. His time in World of Warcraft goes back to 2008, and he's really been hooked ever since. Outside of WoW and Diablo, Phil is also an avid console and PC RPG fan, and a tabletop RPG "forever DM."

Put hats on your Dragonriding mounts with Niffen Renown in Dragonflight patch 10.1

For connoisseurs of drake customization, there have been a lot of options for customizing the appearance of your four Dragonriding mounts so far in Dragonflight, and I do mean a lot: on top of making your mounts scalier or hairier, multitudes of colors, saddled or bareback, and with horns of every variety of swoop and turn imaginable, sometimes you can even just turn them into raid bosses (although without their stylish Christmas decorations).

What’s the ugliest set of transmog armor in World of Warcraft?

While transmog enthusiasts in World of Warcraft really enjoy putting together stylish ensembles -- from mariachi outfits to the latest sets of tier armor, white and grey quality "ordinary" looks to flashy new looks Blizzard prepared especially for the Trading Post -- there's no denying that even when you're mixing and matching, there are some sets of gear out there that are just... ugly.

Kobold Press begins playtesting “Project Black Flag,” a D&D 5E spinoff

Back in January when Wizards of the Coast backed off of Open Gaming License (OGL) updates to go with their new edition of Dungeons & Dragons, they also made a second decision that -- while popular -- hadn't seen as much fanfare as of yet: they released the current D&D rules as a System Reference Document, or SRD under a Creative Commons license.

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