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Phil Ulrich

Phil Ulrich @awaymessageclub — Phil Ulrich is a software developer from Cincinnati, an amateur game dev, a heroic raid leader for a guild full of retired ex-raid-leaders, and sometimes even a writer. His time in World of Warcraft goes back to 2008, and he's really been hooked ever since. Outside of WoW and Diablo, Phil is also an avid console and PC RPG fan, and a tabletop RPG "forever DM."

Pull off daring heists in a dark fantasy city in Blades in the Dark

Stop me if you've heard any of these Tabletop RPG scenarios: You've gathered around your gaming table to play a gang of scrappy, daring scoundrels pulling off a daring heist in a fantastic environment, making a name for yourself in the city's underworld, but your group keeps getting bogged down in the details of planning and never gets around to actually getting themselves into, and hopefully out of, trouble.

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