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DiscussionSep 8, 2023 8:00 am CT

What are you most excited for in Dragonflight patch 10.2?

Blizzard recently announced the next phase of Dragonflight’s story with patch 10.2, the Guardians of the Dream, and we learned that the main stage for this upcoming patch is the Emerald Dream, a realm created by the Titans that represents what Azeroth would look like without any outside influence. The lore of the Emerald Dream is vast and is as old as World of Warcraft itself, so this is an incredibly simplified, not-all-encompassing explanation and I’m pretty stoked it’s getting its very own, full-blown zone in patch 10.2.

When I first started playing World of WarcraftI started out as Night Elf Druid because I didn’t have a large group to play with; I believed the versatility would serve me well in the long run. I’m also a nature lover at heart, so it felt right to roll as a Druid. What I didn’t expect — or, more appropriately, what I didn’t understand — when I started playing WoW was just how deep the lore runs for each class, especially how it comes up while in the early zones. I first learned about bits and fragments of “the Dream” from quest text and voice lines in the Night Elf zones and became even more intrigued as to what it was after visiting the Moonglade. I was fascinated about what a Druid’s innate connection to the Dream meant in Azeroth and eager to learn more.

I was able to get a better sense of the Dream when I was able to experience Druid Order Hall campaign in the Emerald Dreamway as part of the Legion expansion. The entire look and feel of this zone was so aesthetically beautiful and joy to play through, even if it was only a snippet of the dream. Unfortunately, the expansion structure when the level cap was 120 was kind of disjointed, so as I leveled up, I got pinballed from expansion to expansion so fast I didn’t get to enjoy it fully — but it didn’t stop me from going back time to time. Since then, I’ve seen different scenarios depicting portions of the Emerald Dream but nothing felt close to that first time I used Dreamwalk to enter the Emerald Dreamway.

I’m really excited for patch 10.2 to expand on the Emerald Dream proper and I can’t wait to jump in to the PTR and get a taste. That’s for me, what about you? What are you most excited about in Dragonflight patch 10.2?

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