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5 great decks to use for Marvel SNAP’s new Featured Location, Mount Vesuvius

Marvel SNAP rolled out the first Featured Location of its new Loki for All Time season, Mount Vesuvius, and we’re running for the hills with some awesome decks for you to try out there. Featured Locations, for those unaware, typically change over on Tuesdays and make a specific Location more likely to appear. They are usually worth some deck adjustments if you’re looking to win some matches.

Let’s take a look at some great deck lists to help you rein down destruction on the competition while Mount Vesuvius  is the Featured Location, though all of these decks will work to your benefit whenever you encounter the Mount Vesuvius  Location in the future.

What is the significance of Mount Vesuvius in Marvel lore?

In Loki season 1, the titular hero helps the Time Variance Authority (TVA) track down one of his variants, a female Loki named Sylvie. Our hero gets a theory that she has been hiding in cataclysmic moments throughout history. Any action she takes is unlikely to change the Sacred Timeline so it won’t alert the TVA. To convince his TVA handler, Mobius M. Mobius, of the veracity of his theory, Loki takes Mobius to the historic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. There, he indulges his chaotic nature as Mobius watches a readout showing deviations from the Sacred Timeline. Just as Loki predicted, none of his antics registers on the TVA device.

But this isn’t the first time Marvel comics has visited the doomed mountain. In Avengers Vol 1 #207 and #208, Vesuvius is the location of the climatic battle between the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the Shadow Lord, an enemy with ancient powers and a god complex. Later, in Avengers Vol 1 #675, the team stops an eruption by creating a force field around it. That sure would have come in handy in ancient Roman times.

But my favorite use of Mount Vesuvius might be in the Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems video game. This is a 1996 side-scrolling beat-em-up for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, based on the events of Marvel Comics’ series, Infinity Gauntlet & Infinity War.

What’s the key to winning when Mount Vesuvius is up?

Mount Vesuvius forces you to make the decision on your chances of winning the game one turn earlier. Once you pass turn five, you can no longer retreat, meaning the game will be worth at least two Cosmic Cubes. If your opponent snaps, it’s four Cosmic Cubes on the line. This Location will test your knowledge of your matchup and the meta. Are you favored against the opponent’s deck or at a disadvantage?

Decks that can swing the game late may be able to make great use of this Location. Let’s take a look at a few of those types of decks.

Great decks to use on Mount Vesuvius

Galactus Alioth

Deck code:


This deck was originally shown on the Cozy Snap YouTube channel. Galactus can radically change the board state on the final turns. Your opponent might think they have a good lead on a Location, but once Galactus devours it, all that advantage disappears. You should know if you have the “big guy” before turn five so you can bail before Mount Vesuvius kicks in.

Hela Tribunal

Deck code:


This is a combo deck that can put a surprising amount of power out on the final turn. Hela hides behind Invisible Woman while your discard cards give her big statted targets to resurrect. You’ll know if you’ve got the combo by turn 5. If you don’t, bail before Mount Vesuvius makes sure you can’t.

Evolved Lockjaw

Deck code:


Evolved Lockjaw is another deck that can flip the script. You’re hoping for high rolls off of Lockjaw, and even better if you can get them late. Magneto also can change the state of the game as he rearranges your opponent’s board.

Negative Surprise

Deck code:


Few decks can surprise like Mister Negative. As with the other decks, you’ll know if you’ve been able to play Mister Negative and if he’s likely to have hit your big game changers. Mister Negative have a natural high degree of variance. You need to bail before turn five if it isn’t going your way and Mount Vesuvius is in play.

Discard Gambit

Deck code:


With Gambit, and Absorbing Man you can wipe cards off the board your opponent needed to win the match. Morbius and Dracula give you options that can scale in the final turn that won’t be totally derailed by an enemy Alioth.

What are your ideas?

Loki remains a format staple, and Galactus and Alioth are popular as people try out their new toy. These decks should slot in and give you a chance to get some cubes. But even as the Featured Location, there will still be matches that you don’t see Mount Vesuvius. You have to make sure your deck is flexible enough that you don’t have to retreat if you don’t get Mount Vesuvius in your Location pool.

Whether Mount Vesuvius is in your Location pool due to the event, one of the randomly chosen ones after the event, hopefully these decks and  tips help you win!

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