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WoWOct 12, 2023 2:00 pm CT

How to get the Moon-Blessed Claw feral Druid appearance in WoW patch 10.2

The Moon-Blessed Claw is a new feral Druid appearance option available with the release of World of Warcraft patch 10.2. To obtain the item that unlocks the appearance, you are going to go on a safari across six other World of Warcraft zones from previous expansions, visiting areas significant to Druids and Night Elves.

Where to find Small Box of Vials

The first step requires you to collect a Small Box of Vials, this is located near to Shafina in the Eye of Ysera subzone of the Emerald Dream. When you first arrive in this location it is likely that Shafina will have a quest for you — this is unrelated to the Moon-Blessed Claw and is a quest similar to the vintner wine-making quest from Suramar. The box of vials you’re after is on the ground in front of a bookcase.

/way #2200 54.90 25.40 Emerald Dream, Eye of Ysera – Small Box of Vials

When opened, the box contains six vials, each assigned with a letter: B, D, N, O, E, K. Note that opening the box uses 6 bag slots and probably needs a 7th to hold the box as it’s opening.

Each vial is linked to a specific continent, and seem to all require a Moonwell or Moonwell-related water to fill.

The letters refer to where you fill the vials.

Locations where you can fill your Vials

The following locations have been verified. While one user reported using the main Moonwell in the Dreamgrove to successfully fill the Broken Isles vial, myself and several other users were unable to get it to work. When multiple Moonwells are located on a particular continent, it appears that you can use any Moonwell on that continent.

Eastern Kingdoms:
/way #47 49.15 33.34 Duskwood, Twilight Grove (E)
/way #56 57.22, 37.42 Wetlands, Greenwarden’s Grove (E)

Kalimdor – there are Moonwells all over Kalimdor. They may all work, but that’s a lot of testing for one Druid. Here are the ones we can confirm:
/way #80 67.37 61.14 Moonglade (K)
/way #80 67.34, 59.43 Moonglade (K)
/way #80 46.21, 45.52 Moonglade, Nighthaven (K)

/way #108 45.13 23.56 Terokkar Forest, Cenarion Thicket (O)
/way #102 80.34, 65.05 Zangarmarsh, Cenarion Refuge (O)
/way #105 38.28, 64.02 Blade’s Edge Mountains, Sylvanaar (O)

/way #115 29.37 55.65 Dragonblight (Stars Rest) (N)

/way #539 29.52, 24.38 Shadowmoon Valley, Starfall Outpost (D)
/way 65.79, 60.03 Stormshield, Ashran (Alliance side) (D)

Broken Isles:
/way #641 45.02, 68.27 Thas’talah Basin, Val-sharah (B)

Once you have filled all the vials, click on any filled vial to combine them into Coalesced Moonlight.

Take the Coalesced Moonlight to Feral Dreamstone in the Emerald Dream. It’s one of the small stone tablets with a Druid claw aspect mark on it, lying in the grass behind a larger rock.

/way #2200 41.74, 66.99 Emerald Dream – Feral Dreamstone

Use the Coalesced Moonlight while standing very close to the Feral Moonstone. A beam of light will shine, and the Moon-Blessed Claw will appear in it’s place. Loot it to get the item that teaches the Moon-Blessed Claw Druid appearance.

As with any of the other Druid appearances, you can activate this one using any Barber Shop.

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