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Mobile > Warcraft RumbleDec 7, 2023 4:00 pm CT

How to reach max level in Warcraft Rumble

Warcraft Rumble, Blizzard’s latest foray into mobile gaming, features its own unique leveling system with dozens of Minis to level up individually. While the grind to max level in Rumble is reminiscent of old-school WoW grinding, there are some important elements to note if you want to hit the level cap.

Warcraft Rumble has two different leveling goal posts to aim for: the soft level cap in Rumble is level 20, while the hard cap is currently level 30*. While hitting the first level cap is relatively straightforward, the hard cap is a little less obvious. Below, we’ll go over what the hard and soft level caps and how to reach max level in Warcraft Rumble.

How to reach level 20 and how to reach level 30 in Warcraft Rumble

Here’s how to hit both the soft and hard level caps in Rumble:

  • 20 levels can be obtained via good ol’ fashioned leveling; just play the game and earn experience to level up. Of course, Rumble takes plenty of cues from vanilla WoW, and the experience required begins to increase drastically as Minis gain more levels.
  • 10 additional levels can be earned via a combination of talents, Mini upgrades, and Army upgrades:
    • 4 of those levels are earned from Mini upgrades. Upgrading to uncommon (green quality) grants +1 level, continuing through legendary adds +4 levels.
    • 3 of those levels are earned when you purchase Talents themselves. Yup, just adding a talent to your Mini also adds a level!
    • 3 of those levels are earned from army upgrades, which can be earned by completing the weekly dungeon and range from Bronze to Gold.
      • Please note that you can only use one type of family per dungeon rotation. This means that you’ll want to make the most of every dungeon rotation, because each family only shows up once every 5 weeks. Personally, I like to push one Leader (e.g., Tirion) as far as possible to max out army upgrades, then see how far I make it on the Leaders in that family I play less often (e.g., Jaina and Maiev).

* 1 additional level will become available after Molten Core has released. At that point, Valor can be earned and used to upgrade Mini slots from Gold to Platinum. In other words, when Molten Core is released, the level cap will instead become 31. Molten Core currently does not have a set release date, though if we had to guess, we’d say it’s likely to come with Season 3 and the addition of Emperor Thaurissan as a Leader.

What do you get for reaching max level in Warcraft Rumble?

While you don’t get anything specific for reaching level 30 in Rumble, it is the recommended level for the Onyxia raid: taking down Onyxia does reward players with a new spell, Deep Breath. Of course, you don’t need to be level 30 to take on Onyxia — players have been able to beat her closer to level 25 with very specific builds — but this “ultimate challenge” is still a level 30 encounter.

Warcraft Rumble’s Heroic campaign currently caps out at level 26 with Drakkisath over in Blackrock Mountain, but players are able to encounter Onyxia far sooner than they’re likely to complete the Heroic campaign. As a result, the Onyxia fight in Rumble ends up feeling like an intentionally insurmountable challenge designed to encourage players to complete Heroic and hit the level cap.

Of course, hitting the level cap will also come in handy for the forthcoming Molten Core raid — which is going to start at level 26, right where the Heroic campaign left off — as well as Moonglade, an endgame zone coming sometime in 2024. While Onyxia is currently the only level 30 encounter in Rumble, the strength of a few levels over your opponents cannot be overstated.

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