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Which class should you play in Diablo 4 Season 3?

Diablo 4 Season 3, Season of the Construct, is here, and patch 1.3.0 introduces new legendaries, uniques, and Aspect tuning to supplement class balance changes. All the adjustments combined with the season’s Seneschal and its unique supplementing skills make for another fascinating three-month gameplay cycle. But what do the changes in the Season of the Construct mean for your favorite class, and will it change what you play in Season 3? Let’s review Diablo 4’s five classes and discuss how they look for Season 3.

Here’s what you need to know to pick your class in Diablo 4 patch 1.3.0!

Diablo 4 Season 3 Barbarian with Seneschal Companion in The Gatehall

Barbarian in patch 1.3.0

Barbarian is your pure melee class, wielding an Arsenal to blast through baddies. If you love tanky gameplay, the Barbarian is the first of your two options, with multiple options to leverage Fortify, which has gotten stronger with its shift to using Maximum life to calculate the amount. The Barbarian’s survivability translates to push opportunities in high-tier Nightmare Dungeon tiers without burning through Ancestral’s four rebirths.

In patch 1.3.0, Barbarian’s class tuning drastically increased the base damage of Charge and reworked both the Enhanced Charge and Power Charge options. Leap’s base damage has also been increased by 30%. These tweaks turn your Barbarian into a veritable freight train of trash one-shots. And while leveling is moderately slow, you can track down the updated Resource Aspect of the Echoing Fury to generate extra resources while only needing one shout on your skill bar.

Try out the following stone combination for your Seneschal:

  • Governing — Lightning Bolt and Reconstruct
  • Tuning — Mockery, Electrocution, Swift, Efficiency, Fortify, Arcing

Druid in patch 1.3.0

The Druid is D4’s hybrid class with the chance to swap quickly between multiple playstyles — shifting into a tanky Werebear or slashing Werewolf, slinging Tornados from a distance, and overall surrounding yourself with Nature’s strength to dominate. The D4 Druid is the jack of all trades class, but remember, that saying ends with “master of none.” That said, Druid has so many options for survival.

Patch 1.3.0 was incredibly nice to Werewolf builds. First, they doubled Enhanced Rabies’ bonus damage from 30% to 60%; then factor in the new Virulent utility aspect, which reduces the cooldown of Rabies when it infects an enemy (triple the cooldown reduction on Elites!). The Lacerate Ultimate skill has a reduced cooldown, and Prime Lacerate adds healing for 3% max life (doubled for crits). Seek out Aspect of the Blurred Beast to top it all off, so Shred’s dash seeks out nearby poisoned enemies and deals bonus damage to them.

Try out the following stone combination for your Seneschal:

  • Governing — Pummel and Reconstruct
  • Tuning — Mockery, Electrocution, Swift, Efficiency, Safeguard, Devastation

Diablo 4 Season 3 Necromancer

Necromancer in patch 1.3.0

D4’s Necromancer is the second class (with Barbarian) to continue through the franchise, wielding the powers of life and death as a minion-summoning caster. Blood and bone, shadows, corpses, and curses are the tools in the necromancer’s toolkit. You have one of the faster leveling experiences to start, but all that casting awesomeness comes with a cost — you’re just as mortal as your enemies and sometimes infinitely squishier.

Bone Spear builds have additional useful skills on the osseous spectrum now! Bone Spirit received a damage increase in patch 1.3.0, and Dreadful Bone Spirit now returns 30% of your max essence. Dreadful Bone Prison reduces cooldowns for each enemy trapped inside the Bone Prison, while friendly players and minions can (finally) pass through its skeletal bars. Add in the revised Aspect of Swelling Curse to boost the Critical Strike Chance of your Bone Spirit and return even more essence when enemies are hit with the skill.

Try out the following stone combination for your Seneschal:

  • Governing — Pummel and Protect
  • Tuning — Mockery, Electrocution, Swift, Efficiency, Arcing, Devastation

Diablo 4 Season 3 Rogue

Rogue in patch 1.3.0

Rogues are Diablo 4‘s undisputed monarch of mobility — dashing into the fray with poisoned blades, laying traps, and escaping to barrage their foes from afar. Shadows, cold, and poisons are the Rogue’s friends, whether you’re dashing into the fray with blades or laying down punishing bow fire from afar. Their Twisting Blades build continues to dominate the killing fields. Basically, you can blast through foes at unreal speeds.

The name of the Rogue patch 1.3.0 game is Penetrating Shot. Enhanced Penetrating Shot increases the Critical Strike Chance of the skill, more so if it hits at least three enemies, and Improved Penetrating Shot deals increased damage per enemy hit. Combine with the Eaglehorn to add Vulnerable or Skyhunter for the guaranteed larger crits with the Precision Key Passive. Cold Imbuement is also a viable option now, with the

Try out the following stone combination for your Seneschal:

  • Governing — Pummel and Reconstruct
  • Tuning — Mockery, Electrocution, Swift, Efficiency, Safeguard, Devastation

Diablo 4 Sorcerer

Sorcerer in patch 1.3.0

Embrace the pure elemental caster fantasy with the Sorcerer. You are the quintessential ranged character, specializing in lightning, fire, and frost magic. Leveling is practically explosive with Sorcerer’s Fire Skills, and Enchantment-based elemental resistances make way more sense with the resistance system’s rework. That said, you’ll be the literal glass cannon and benefit strongly from keeping a defensive skill on your bar while blasting.

Sorcerers had the fewest tweaks in patch 1.3.0, with small adjustments to Ball Lightning, Blizzard, and Lightning Spear. The new Starfall Coronet Unique changes the Meteor skill, giving it two charges and trading cooldown for mana cost while dropping three additional meteors; the Meteor Enchantment and Enhanced Meteor also drop one additional meteor. This single item boosts the Meteor build to new endgame heights.

  • Governing — Pummel and Protect
  • Tuning — Mockery, Electrocution, Swift, Efficiency, Arcing, Devastation

Diablo 4 Class Campfire

So, which class should you play in Diablo 4 Season 3?

Anything you want! Every class can hit level 100 and has a powerful enough build to kill the Echo of Malphas. But if you’re still not sure and want a quick TL;DR to review for consideration, we’ve got you covered with a handy summary:

  • Play Barbarian if: you’re ready to Charge and Leap into the fray, outlasting your enemies in any fight (or if your name is Matt Rossi).
  • Play Druid if: you want a little bit of everything — casting, slashing, tanking, and pets — while meeting your Werewolf fantasies.
  • Play Necromancer if: you want to leverage multiple bone-based skills after amazingly rapid leveling.
  • Play Rogue if: you like Penetrating Shot-ing your way to demon-slaying glory with extreme mobility.
  • Play Sorcerer if: you want to drop Meteors everywhere while teleporting about Estuar.

Diablo 4 Season 3, Season of the Construct, is here! So, pick your character, earn Seneschal Construct from the season’s questline, and get ready to murder. We’ll see you in Sanctuary.

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