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Liz Patt

Liz Patt @lizexmachina — Liz is a collection of cat gifs and coffee masquerading as a person. She tried to escape World of Warcraft multiple times, but it kept calling her back with its siren song. Liz now plays every Blizzard title she can get her hands on and plans to sleep someday. She is owned by one cat, dubbed Jack the Nipper.

The Queue: For I am Mitch, seer of the Void

Happy Thursday, and welcome to the Queue! I am definitely your regularly scheduled Mitch, who else could I be? This Queue was written while I played World of Warcraft for the first time in months (holy cats I left a lot to do in ZM), so I’m definitely excited for the questions. Let’s dive in!

(Note: No Old Gods were injured in the writing of this Queue.)

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