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WoWMar 1, 2024 10:00 am CT

Drop in to WoW’s Trading Post and see new rewards available for March!

Rewards in blue, green, and other shades in between have been revealed at World of Warcraft‘s Trading Post for March! This month features a mix of new Trading Post items in a range of cool blues and soft greens, as well as the return of some other items from various Trading Post offerings last year. A new month also means another monthly allowance of Trader’s Tender from the Collector’s Cache so be sure to grab that at your respective Trading Post location, Tawny & Wilder in Stormwind’s Mage District or the Zen’shiri Trading Post near Grommash’s Hold in Orgrimmar, to grab your tenders and shop for new items!

March Trading Post mounts

The March Trading Post is headlined by a beautiful new mount, the Reins of the Majestic Azure Peafowl for 750 Trader’s Tender! Reappearing in the lineup for the first time since August 2023 are both the Alabaster Stormtalon and the Alabaster Thunderwing mounts, again on sale for 650 Trader’s Tender each.

March Trading Post ensembles, transmogs, and toys

The new Sky-Captain’s Formal Attire leads the way for the sets, backed up by ensemble versions of the Vagabond and Wanderer’s sets in an eye-catching aqua color.

There’s a fine mix of aristocratic themed clothing savage weaponry transmogs this month but the ones that draw attention are the new Arsenal: Skyborn Blades which can pair with the Sky-Captain’s Formal Attire, the Lost Crown of the Arcane, and the Masquerade Masks. A visually new item type, the Dueler’s Shoulder Capes, has also entered the Trading Post rotation! When you purchase these pieces, you’ll get options for both shoulders, not just one. For toy collectors, be sure to grab the Delicate Jade Parasol too!

March Trading Post bonus reward

There aren’t any new pets for sale in the Trading Post, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any pets at all. This month’s bonus reward is Teele, an adorable blue mouse, who can be yours when you complete the monthly Traveler’s Log objectives!

As always, don’t forget to freeze any of the February Trading Post items that caught your eye in case you want to buy them in March instead. If you find yourself needing it, you’ll earn extra points towards Traveler’s Log objectives when you complete them the last week of March, as it looks like the surge bonus is here to stay.

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