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Hearthstone > WoWMar 15, 2024 1:00 pm CT

Grab great Hearthstone-themed rewards in World of Warcraft (as long as you’re willing to fight lag and RNG) — event now extended through March 22!

It’s Hearthstone’s 10th birthday, but you don’t have to play Hearthstone to enjoy some neat in-game rewards. World of Warcraft players can participate in an in-game Hearthstone event in Valdrakken, Orgrimmar, and Stormwind to pick up transmog, a Hearthstone-themed Hearthstone toy, Hearthstone’s cute white mouse mascot as a pet, and a Hearthstone-themed disc mount. Though you’ll have to fight a little (or a lot) of lag, depending on when you attempt the event, it’s very easy to complete and the unique looks are worth your time.

How long does the Hearthstone anniversary event last?

The anniversary event in WoW has been extended after bugs prevented players from getting credit for Whizbang kills. The event now lasts through Friday March 22, so you have a week to collect all of your loot. However, if you’re looking to pick up the Hearthsteed mount, awarded for logging on to Hearthstone and completing the tutorial, you have until May 14.

How to complete the Hearthstone anniversary event

Participating in the Hearthstone anniversary event in WoW is simple: just go to one of the portal spawn locations and kill the bosses that come out. Portals spawn in Valdrakken, Stormwind, and Orgrimmar every 30 minutes (on the hour and half hour) , and bosses start jumping out six minutes later.

Even though there will be crowds and lag at the event, it shouldn’t be difficult to tag the bosses, which spawn in the same location every hour and stay up long enough to get more than a few hits in. If you’re trying to get rewards, I recommend parking a character at any spawn location and logging on right at the hour to snag your boss kill — and your chance at loot.

Portal locations for the Hearthstone anniversary event

These portals spawn in fixed locations, in the middle of a spread of Hearthstone game tables (where you can also stop to play a game with others, though I’ve yet to figure out exactly how WoW’s in-game version of Hearthstone actually works). Portals spawn every half hour through the end of the event on March 22.

Here are the Hearthstone portal spawn locations:

  • Valdrakken, on the platform above the Emerald Enclave (63, 64)
  • Stormwind, in the northern part of the docks (33, 22)
  • Orgrimmar, outside the city gates in Durotar (52, 15).

All of the rewards for the Hearthstone anniversary event in WoW

Once you’ve snagged your kill, loot the final boss, Dr. Boom, for your rewards! Unfortunately, there aren’t any guaranteed drops, and you may frequently find yourself picking up Hearthstone cards — which you can collect for the Hearthstone Game Table toy — without getting any of the more interesting rewards. Just keep trying and you’ll eventually pick up the rewards you want.

Here are all of the rewards you can earn from the Hearthstone anniversary event:

Good luck, and may RNG ever be in your favor!

Originally published March 13, 2024; updated March 15, 2024

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