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WoW ClassicApr 8, 2024 5:30 pm CT

Discoverer’s Delight XP buff continues to help players level in WoW Classic Season of Discovery — but it’s already gotten some changes in Phase 3

The Discoverer’s Delight XP buff that lets you zoom through levels in WoW Classic Season of Discovery has remained — and even been expanded — in Phase 3, but the game is constantly being adjusted to improve the flow of gameplay during its seasonal level-band phases. So while Discoverer’s Delight continues to help people hit the current level cap of 50, it’s already gotten changes since Phase 3 launched, with a significant buff for players between levels 40 – 49.

Right now, Discoverer’s Delight gives you a +150% experience buff from levels 1 – 39, so you’ll be able to catch up to the current level band as fast as possible. (Note that while the buff is enabled by default, if you prefer a more modest pace you can turn it off at any innkeeper.) Blizzard has also retained a couple of other changes designed to help you catch up to the latest content, with increased gold rewards for quests from levels 1 – 39 and reduced costs for level 40 mounts (40 gold) and initial riding training (10 gold).

But Discoverer’s Delight also applies to players level 40 – 49, in a lesser form — and soon the buff will be even better. Blizzard has just increased the amount of bonus XP the buff provides: Discoverer’s Delight now gives players +100% experience from levels 40 – 49, up from the +75% XP buff made during the first set of changes on April 8 that Blizzard made after Phase 3 launched. These first changes were more in response to smooth out the leveling curve and make it so Nightmare Incursions weren’t hands-down the best way to level, though right now you still earn reduced experience from completing Nightmare Incursions missions.

Discoverer’s Delight first arrived during Phase 2, when Blizzard made some significant updates that to help players keep up with alts — though the buff is also a big help for anyone jumping into the season for the first time. Blizzard wants players to feel like using their alts in Season of Discovery is worth it, and acknowledged it can be difficult to keep all of them at max level, especially once leveling starts to slow down late game.

In Phase 3, the experience originally earned from Nightmare Incursions was so much better than other places, running the risk of making other activities insignificant. Hopefully the latest changes make a better balance of XP by slightly nerfing the amount you get from Incursion missions, but upping the Discoverer’s Delight percentage, which still affects the enemies you slay during these activities.

Phase 3’s Sunken Temple raid is also the first 20-player raid in Season of Discovery and there will be more 20-player raids planned in future phases, with Molten Core confirmed as one of them. Not all endgame raids will be 20 player activities as Blizzard hinted that this could take away from their post-level 60 plans, which is also their first indication of planning beyond Classic Era content. Item and loot rewards will also receive power adjustments to fit in with the existence of 10, 20, and 40 player raids with the idea of having a wide variety of approachable activities that are worth a player’s time and effort.

There will undoubtedly be more changes as Phase 3 continues and most definitely when Phase 4 arrives, so if you’re playing Season of Discovery keep an eye on our site to stay informed on all of the seasonal changes!

Originally published on February 27, 2024. Updated on May 7, 2024.

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