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WoW > WoW RemixApr 15, 2024 10:00 am CT

How to get and spend Bronze in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria is a self contained version of the game with a streamlined reward and gearing path with a new, feature exclusive, currency: Bronze. This currency is everywhere in ReMists and is the primary currency you will use to purchase rewards.

Why You Need Bronze

Bronze is the primary currency for any consumables or collectible rewards in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria.

While most gear you obtain in game will come from drops or Caches of Infinite Treasures, you can also upgrade gear at Momentus, the upgrade vendor. The item level cap scales with your character level and the item slot, some item slots have a higher base item level. The upgrade interface will be familiar to anyone who has played Dragonflight and used flightstones or crests to upgrade an item.

As you don’t need to repair your gear and there is no Auction House or professions in WoW Remix, the main thing you will be spending currency on is collectibles or consumables. In each of the questing zones there will be a Infinite Bazaar.

Sources of Bronze

When I say Bronze is everywhere, I mean everywhere. Any mob you kill that drops loot, will drop Bronze. Most quests will give Bronze as a reward. Anything that gave coin on Retail will most likely give Bronze as a Timerunning reward.

  • Mobs drop a small number based on their level, elite or rare mobs drop higher amounts – starts at 1 per kill at L10
  • Cache of Infinite Treasure – reward from most quests. These contain a moderate amount of Bronze based on level, and has a chance to contain gems, gear, or consumables.
  • Caches
    • Minor Bronze Cache — contains 200 Bronze. Reward for daily LFG quests, options include scenario, dungeon, raid or World Boss.
    • Lesser Bronze Cache — contains 400 Bronze. Uncommon reward for achievements, quests, chance to drop from elite mobs.
    • Bronze Cache — contains 600 Bronze. Sources include reaching Exalted with any ReMists faction, completing a ReMists Raid on LFR or Normal difficulty for the first time.
    • Greater Bronze Cache — contains 1,000 Bronze. Sources include completing a ReMists Raid on Heroic or Mythic difficulty for the first time, or completing a Campaign Chapter.
  • Unravel unwanted Timerunning gear – moderate amount based of level of gear. More on this below.
  • Bronze Orbs floating around at random high places scattered around the questing zones. These grant moderate amount of Bronze that scales with your level, similar to the floating green orbs in Dreamsurge zones in Dragonflight.

Unravelling Gear to get Bronze

Almost all gear is either a drop or quest reward, and can’t be sold. You don’t need to repair your gear ever as it does not take durability damage in ReMists.

In the quest A Scrap of Bronze, which your character will encounter early in your WoW Remix campaign, you will be taught how to unravel unwanted items. When you no longer need a piece of gear, you summon a Unravelling Sands portal using a zone specific extra action button. If you click on the portal it opens a small scrapping window. Put up to 9 unwanted Timerunning gear pieces into the window and you can unravel them into Bronze currency. The number you get will depend on the item level and quality of the item being Unravelled.

The Infinite Bazaar

The Infinite Bazaar has the following locations:

  • The Jade Forest — Tian Monastery 
  • Valley of the Four Winds — Halfhill
  • Kun-Lai Summit — Temple of the White Tiger
  • Townlong Steppes — Niuzao Temple
  • Vale of the Eternal Blossoms — Shrine of the Seven Stars (Alliance)
  • Vale of the Eternal Blossoms — Shrine of Two Moons (Horde)
  • Dread Wastes — unconfirmed
  • Krasarang Wilds — unconfirmed

At each Infinite Bazaar you will encounter the following vendors. Based on screenshots from the PTR, it is possible that their offerings may vary by zone – so be sure to check them out at each spot if there’s something you expect to see and it isn’t there.

  • Arturos <Dungeon Apparel> — Arturo sells complete Dungeon class set appearances for all classes, sets sell for 2,500 bronze per set.
  • Aeonicus <Raid Finder Apparel> — Aeonicus sells complete Raid Finder class set appearances for all classes, sets sell for 5,000 bronze per set.
  • Durus <Normal Raid Apparel> — Durus sells complete Normal Raid class set appearances for all classes, sets sell for 5,000 bronze per set.
  • Larah Treebender <World Apparel> — Larah sells single slot world Drop appearances for all classes, items sell for 750 to 2,500 bronze per item depending on slot and rarity.
  • Pythagorus <Heroic and Mythic Raid Apparel> — Pythagorus sells complete Heroic and Mythic Raid class set appearances for all classes, sets sell for 5,000 bronze per set.
  • Horos <Rare Collections> — Horos sells 22 different rare toys that dropped from Mists of Pandaria content, prices range from 2,200 to 50,000 bronze depending on the rarity of the item.
  • Hemet Nesingwary XVII <Beastmaster> — — Hemet sells 41 different rare mounts that dropped from Mists of Pandaria content, prices range from 2,200 to 50,000 bronze depending on the rarity of the mount. Notable mounts include the Cloud Serpent mounts that drop from Sha of Anger, Huolon, Alani, and Elegon.
  • Lidamorrutu <Gem Procurement> — Lidamorrutu sells a variety of gem tokens that are randomly rolled when you purchase them:
    • Random Prismatic Gem (uncommon quality) — 200 bronze
    • Random Tinker Gem you don’t already have — 300 bronze
    • Random Cogwheel gem you don’t already have — 400 bronze
    • Random meta gem you don’t already have — 500 bronze
  • Nostwin <Snacks and Scrolls> — Nostwin sells consumables at a reasonable price.

One More Thing… a bonus currency

In addition to Bronze, a further currency has been uncovered called the Bones of Mannoroth, this currency is earned by killing Garrosh Hellscream on Normal difficulty or higher in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid instance. It has a stack size of 20, and it is probably that higher difficulties drop a greater number of tokens.

These tokens are used, along with Bronze, to purchase the Garrosh Hellscream Heirloom items from Pythagorus <Heroic and Mythic Raid Apparel>, which will then be unlocked account wide. Heirlooms cost 2 Bones of Mannoroth, and 8,000 Bronze each.

Pythagorus also sells the infamous Tusks of Mannoroth for an eye watering 20 Bones of Mannoroth and 38,500 Bronze. That’s a lot of Garrosh kills.

Pandamonium FOMO

The currency cap is 200,000 — it is not unreasonable to think that you will be able to reach this cap if you play through all the zones and complete most of the meta achievements. There is an enormous number of possible rewards to buy and if you wanted to purchase all of them it would cost over a million Bronze. You are going to want to triage which items you most want to buy and prioritize your purchases — and make sure you don’t lose Bronze by hitting that cap.

Mounts and toys will still be able to drop, so you may be lucky and get some of the missing items through other sources. Good luck!

Article first published on 15 April 2024, updated 13 May 2024.

One Final Note: The information in this article was largely sourced from PTR data, test is test and may change before release. Check the vendors on live to confirm availability and prices. Best efforts have been made to provide correct information as of time of writing.

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