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WoWApr 17, 2024 9:30 pm CT

Dracthyr will get additional classes in The War Within, although likely not at launch

World of Warcraft‘s next expansion The War Within has started alpha and amongst the news and interviews was confirmation that Dracthyr will soon be able to choose classes besides Evoker. While this is not completely unexpected — we were told as much during an interview prior to patch 10.0.7 — it’s good to know that it’s still being worked on, even if it won’t be available until after the expansion’s release.

An important aspect of this extension of classes available to the Dracthyr is that Visage form can remain the main appearance even while in combat. The converse is likely true: as with the Evoker class there should be a mode where combat triggers the Dracthyr natural form, and the player has the option of selecting their preference. Whether there will be some abilities that force the dragon form as there are for Evokers, or whether Evokers will be able to forego the same in all situations is currently unknown and likely won’t be discovered until the new class combinations are available for testing on the PTR.

The classes available are likely those that have are available to all races with a possible exception of Death Knight (although as the Earthen are getting Death Knights it’s not entirely out of the question). Hunters and Warriors should be a given, as well as the caster classes of Mage, Priest, and Warlock. Rogues and Monks are also likely, but Druids and Demon Hunters are almost definitely not going to be an option. [Ed’s note: I imagine Dracthyr Druids would have completely normal Druid forms but with whelp-sized dragon wings on their backs.] That just leaves Shaman and Paladins, classes that have not yet been extended to all races (albeit presumed to be next in line) but are going to be available to the Earthen — so they’re a definite maybe. It’s important to note that it’s unknown if — or when — other races might be able to select Evoker.

While Dracthyr of all classes won’t be available immediately, indications are that they’ll be available as early as possible — perhaps even in patch 11.0.5, which is due out before the end of the year. Those wanting more options for their playable dragons should be happy as they’re coming Soon™.

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