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Christian Thoma

Christian Thoma @Kalcheus — Christian lives in North Carolina with his wife (gorgeous), son (lovable), and dog (dozing). Better known as Kalcheus and occasionally Chrth, he has been playing World of Warcraft since 2008 and is just as bad now as when he started. A huge fan of D&D since the red box days, he is currently in therapy for his crippling addiction to Norse-themed 5E campaign settings. Stuff he writes that isn't good enough for BlizzardWatch gets dropped off at Kalcheus.com instead.

Madam Goya corners the market on Mighty Caravan Brutosaur, which will only be in the BMAH in patch 9.0.1

We've know for awhile now that the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur would no longer be available for sale in Shadowlands — the dino will be gone in patch 9.0.1 which goes live next week. And while many are lamenting its imminent removal from vendors, it's not gone for good, because it will be periodically available on the Black Market Auction House, starting with the pre-patch.

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