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WoWApr 17, 2024 2:00 pm CT

Easily share gold, crafting materials, and more with alts via Warband Banks in The War Within

One of the major features in World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion The War Within is the Warband, which is meant to make almost everything in the game account-wide — and that includes bank access for items, gold, and crafting. All of that will become much easier as soon as you unlock your Warband bank tabs.

You can access the Warband bank by going to any regular bank you can find in the game. Within the usual menu there’s now a third option for the Warband bank (listed after your character’s individual and reagent banks). By default, the Warbands bank contains up to five tabs that you’ll need to purchase for an increasing cost (just like with regular and guild banks). Each tab has 98 inventory slots, and the prices for purchasing them are as such:

  • The first tab costs 1,000 gold (you’ll have access to 98 total slots)
  • The second tab costs 25,000 gold (you’ll have access to 196 total slots)
  • The third tab costs 100,000 gold (you’ll have access to 294 total slots)
  • The fourth tab costs 500,000 gold (you’ll have access to 392 total slots)
  • The fifth tab costs 2,500,000 gold (you’ll have access to 490 total slots)

The prices do get quite steep after the second tab, so it’s possible many players will only get two or three for a while. Each tab can be customized with a name and icon, just like the tabs in a Guild bank. You can also assign specific types of items, and even specific expansions, to them.

You can deposit any item that isn’t soulbound into the bank, meaning that all of your characters will gain full access to those items, and can even craft directly from the Warband bank — a godsend for people with lots of crafting alts. You can also deposit gold into the Warband bank, which is an easier way to make your gold truly account-wide — even across servers.

Another neat feature is that the Dynamic Duo achievement (which asks you to reach max level with two different characters) will now reward you with a toy called Warband Bank Distance Inhibitor, which summons a remote Warband bank for 10 minutes, on a 3-hour cooldown.

All in all, this feature will certainly make it much easier to manage items, gold, and crafting across all your characters — no matter what faction or server they’re from. It’s one of the biggest quality of life changes WoW has ever seen, without a doubt.

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