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Discussion > The War Within > WoWMay 13, 2024 8:00 am CT

Which mounts are you most looking forward to dusting off in The War Within?

World of Warcraft: The War Within brings an overhaul to the way flying is handled for a new expansion, so it may be time to bring back some old favorite mounts. In the past we have started expansions grounded, only unlocking flying after completing the main campaign or a particular achievement such as pathfinder. Instead this time we start with dynamic flying enabled from the start and is the default means for getting around. Standard flying is not initially available in the new zones, and any mounts that only have access to standard flying will act as ground mounts. It will be unlocked later by completing the pathfinder achievement, which will enable the option to toggle between dynamic and standard flying.

In addition to treating dynamic flying as the default flight mode, a number of mounts that were previously standard flying mounts gain the ability to use dynamic flying. This leads to some interesting behaviors. There is something spectacular about Sundancer doing a barrel roll. And a Moonkin on a bee is kind of ridiculous (in the best way).

My Top 5 new Skyriding Mount Families

Dreamrunners – this includes the Shimmermist Runner, Sundancer, Lucid Nightmare, and Maelie the Wanderer.

Cloud Serpents – this includes the Heavenly Cloud Serpents, Thundering Cloud Serpents, and Yu’Lei.

Some Horses – including Fiery Hearthsteed, Headless Horseman’s Mount, Ironbound Wraithcharger, and Sinrunner Blanchy.

Insects – including the Maldraxxian Corpsefly, Shadowbarb Drone, Vibrant Flutterwing, and the Honeyback Harvester

Wilderlings – including Autumn Wilderling, Autumnal Wilderling, and Voyaging Wilderling.

Some of the other families that get skyriding are Aurelids, Moose, Vehicles, Voidwings, Gryffons, Dragonhawkes, Rays, Drakes, Aquilon, Chimaera, Phoenixes, Feldrakes, Razorwings, Dreadwings, Wavewhisker, flying cat mounts, druid flight forms, the list goes on.

Not all flying mounts will get access to dynamic flying immediately, but this may change in the future. And note that if you are doing Dragonriding races it will still use one of the Dragonflight dragon riding mounts.

Which mounts are most looking forward to dusting off in the new expansion? What is your decision maker? Are you leaning toward majestic, or silly? Are you just aiming to match your favorite transmog?

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