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Discussion > Overwatch 2May 15, 2024 8:00 am CT

What do you think about Overwatch 2’s new Mythic Shop?

Starting in Season 10, Blizzard introduced the Mythic Shop for Overwatch 2 players. This shop allows players to get Mythic skins from previous seasons they may have missed. On the face of it, this is a good idea, and for those willing to dole out the money, it may be worth it — but is it?

The basics of the Mythic Shop — the Shop, Skins, and Prisms

Introduced in Season 10 of Overwatch 2, the Mythic Shop offers a new way to acquire Mythic Skins, either from the current season or previous ones, using a new in-game currency called Mythic Prisms. These Prisms can be purchased or earned through the Battle Pass. Mythic Skins represent the highest tier of cosmetic upgrades, allowing for deep customization of hero appearances, including skin colors, weapons, and voices. Initially available only through Battle Pass progression, these skins can now also be bought directly from the Mythic Shop, enhancing player choice in customization.

Now, whether you are coming back for a new season or are a brand-new player, you can collect the Mythic hero skins for your favorite heroes and level up with the customizations you want in the all-new Mythic Shop. We’re excited to give you the choice of what Mythic skins you want to collect, and this update is just the start as we continue to evolve Mythic cosmetics.

Mythic Prism Cost

  1. 10 Mythic Prisms – $9.99
  2. 40 Mythic Prisms – $39.99
  3. 75 Mythic Prisms – $74.99

Let’s review the current Season 10 and see how things break down. The base level for Mercy is 50 Mythic Prisms, which means that at Tier 48 in the Premium Battle Pass, you can unlock this Mythic Skin. This means that the base skin for Mercy costs $50! Then, three additional levels cost 10 Mythic Prisms each, earned every 10 tiers — or USD 30 to purchase them outright, making the total cost around USD 80. Obviously, the thrust is to drive players to buy the Premium Battle Pass at USD 10, but if you miss out on a Mythic Skin, it can be almost cost-prohibitive to pick it up when it’s re-released in later seasons.

Consider the Mythic Skin for Hanzo, Onryo; this skin would be the cheapest to complete at only three customization levels. Again, the base skin has 50 Mythic Prisms and an additional 20 Mythic Prisms for full customization. In the Premium Battle Pass, you can only earn a total of 80 Mythic prisms, so if you skipped Onryo and had already unlocked all of Mercy’s levels, it would cost $75 USD to get the full Hanzo Mythic Skin. Considering that Mythic Skins has been in the game since the start, someone coming to Overwatch 2 for the first time would have some tough choices, and there’s no real way to catch up using only Prisms earned via the Premium Battle Pass.

Some options do exist; once you unlock a base skin, additional levels will appear in the store after the Season. For Season 10, you could purchase 10 Mythic Prisms and unlock the base Mercy and base Hanzo skin. This would cost USD 20 (Premium Battle Pass + 10 Mythic Prisms), and then subsequent Seasons follow that same logic to pick up all the skins you missed. Then, you could rely on earning Mythic Prisms and use Mythic Prisms that are left to unlock levels in various heroes as you get them. And it is nice to be able to skip out on a season without worrying that the one you decide to sit out will be the one with the gorgeous skin for the hero you play most.

We’re giving you the choice to select your own Mythic Hero skin. Whether you are adding the new Vengeance Mercy Mythic, or getting a skin for one of your favorite heroes, you get to pick what Mythic hero skin to unlock by collecting Mythic Prisms.

So the question is, is the Mythic Shop overpriced? It depends on what is important specifically to you; in my opinion, the Mythic Shop is overpriced. Compare this to when Overwatch released the Pink Mercy skin. I paid USD 15, and it was a fundraiser with proceeds going towards Cancer Awareness, which is important to me. 2018, I received the Demon Hunter skin when I purchased online tickets to BlizzCon for USD 50. Considering that, before Season 10, the Mythic Skins were included with the Premium Battle Pass, the current price seems excessive — especially if you miss out on one.

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