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Overwatch 2May 24, 2024 2:00 pm CT

Azure Flame Hanzo skin available now to fund Dreamhack Dallas Overwatch esports prize pool

Dreamhack Dallas is playing host to the OWCS Dallas Major, an Overwatch 2 esports tournament, and the organization is crowdfunding the prize pool with a fiery blue Hanzo skin. No doubt in a nod to the blue fire aesthetic of the Dallas Fuel team, the proceeds of the Azure Flame Hanzo bundle will go toward the prize pool, which is still currently unknown, because it hasn’t been funded yet. In addition to the Hanzo skin, the bundle includes a weapon charm, a spray, a player icon, and blue-tinted city skyline name card that reminds me of Batman. The bundle is already on sale, and will continue to be up for purchase until June 3.

While we were a little disappointed to learn that a mere 25% of the revenue of the bundle (excluding things like taxes and transaction fees from the total) would go toward the crowdfunding effort for the OWCS prize pool, we can’t exactly blame Blizzard for this scanty cut. Most AAA esports events crowdfunded with an in-game tie in perk also use this percentage, from The International to LoL Worlds. Though, of course, just because Riot jumps off a bridge, that doesn’t mean Blizzard should do it too.

But if you aren’t all about that microtransaction life, there are still some in-game awards up for grabs just for watching. There are a series of rewards to earn for tuning into the tournament May 31-June 2 on either Twitch or YouTube. The longer you watch, the more rewards you earn

  • 1 hour: Dallas Major – Day Player Icon
  • 2 hours: Rodeo Cassidy Spray
  • 3 hours: Rodeo Ashe Spray
  • 4 hours: Dallas Major – Night Player Icon
  • 5 hours: Dallas Noon Name Card
  • 6 hours: Porsche Drift Spray
  • 7 hours: Dallas Night Name Card
  • 8 hours: Porsche Name Card
  • 9 hours: Zero to Sixty Name Card
  • 10 hours: OWCS Home Weapon Charm
  • 11 hours: OWCS Home Ashe Skin
  • 12 hours: OWCS Away Ashe Skin

Plus, if you’re attending Dreamhack Dallas, there are also a few special awards only for in-person attendees. Though of course, the real perk in all of this is being able to see some truly stellar esports in action as the eight top teams face off. For more details on the competition itself, the full blog post has all the details, including links to the rules, ticketing information, and the casting and player lineups.

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