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Overwatch 2May 30, 2024 2:00 pm CT

How to use Symmetra’s teleporter to get one over on the other team — literally

Symmetra, a Damage character in Overwatch 2, wields a unique weapon — the photon beam — and deploys sentry turrets as her secondary weapon. However, her most distinctive feature is the Teleporter, a game-changing tool that enables her and her team to traverse the battlefield swiftly. Let’s explore powerful strategies for using Symmetra’s Teleporter to gain control and overpower the opposing team.

Symmetra is a compelling character that you can use in a variety of situations and maps, but she may be best utilized on Hybrid maps during the attack phase — the maps which begin with a control point to attack, which unlocks a payload, like Blizzard World, King’s Row, or Paraíso — which is the focus of this article. One of the first things you must do is communicate with your team about what you want to do, either over voice chat or via messages. It would be best to quickly convey that you wish to use your Teleporter from point A to point B to gain an advantage.

The strategy is to leverage Symmetra’s Teleporter to move your team as close to the point as possible without alerting the opposing team. This strategy is the same formula for most hybrid maps; each one will present you with one or more ways to approach the point. A strong team composition is essential. Reinhardt, Sigma, and Rammatra are great Tanks for leading through the Teleporter, shielding the team as they pass, and then securing the point. Moira or Baptiste are excellent choices for Area of Effect (AOE) Support as they can keep the heals moving around.

How to use a Symmetra Teleporter strategy in a real game

To see how this strategy works, let’s take a look at Blizzard World as an example. On Attack, you start out from the Tavern and head to the Lost and Found Vikings. From there, go up the stairs. You can place your Teleporter down in this room, and it should stretch to the Flight of the Duskwood, the high ground overlooking the main choke point. You will drop down and walk to the first Control Point outside SnaxRamas.

Next, leave the Tavern using the far left exit and go to Lost and Found. It will be helpful to ping that location so everyone knows where to go. It may be worth having the other Damage character and a healer attack the main choke point to distract the Opposing team. Once we’re at the doorway upstairs, place the Teleporter, and the tank will go through, followed by everyone else. Drop down onto the point, place your turrets, and wait for the rest of the team. The tank should drop down last and raise/place the shield in front of your turrets, protecting the point.

Keep in mind, this strategy isn’t foolproof; there’ll be times when the opposing teams sees it coming. Remember that success with this strategy hinges on clear communication and team coordination. While the outlined approach provides a solid framework, flexibility and adaptability are key. Each match presents unique challenges, and the opposing team may counter your tactics. Don’t hesitate to adjust your strategy, switch Heroes if necessary, and stay one step ahead of the ever-shifting battlefield.

Mastering Symmetra’s Teleporter can give your team a significant advantage but requires practice, teamwork, and situational awareness. Good luck, and may your Teleporter lead you to victory!

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