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HearthstoneJun 17, 2024 2:30 pm CT

Perils in Paradise is Hearthstone’s latest expansion, coming July 23

All of our favorite Hearthstone characters were apparently in need of a vacation, as the next expansion is the vacation-themed Perils in Paradise. The expansion includes the expected 145 new cards and new mechanics to evolve the game, but the latest content seems a bit less exciting than  other expansions, as the mechanics don’t feel terribly impactful.

However, there’s a lot we won’t know until we see the cards. Tourist cards give us access to cards (but only new cards) from other classes, Location cards have gotten an update, and new Refreshing Drinks give classes three-time-use spells. These could be great, but it all depends on the cards.

Really, the expansion seems to be all about the theme, sending us off to the tropical Spiral Isles for a well-earned rest. And Perils in Paradise goes all in on the vacation vibe with extravagant art. Aranna riding a dolphin raises a few questions, while A. F. Kay passed out with a tropical drink seems perfectly in character.

Hearthstone: Perils in Paradise releases on July 23, and we should see plenty of card previews between now and then. Here’s what the expansion is bringing:

Hearthstone Tourist Keyword

The big feature this time around is the new Tourist keyword, which will only be on one Legendary card per class. If you add that Tourist card to your deck, it lets add all the Perils in Paradise cards from one specific class to your deck.

For example, the Paladin’s Tourist card is Sunsapper Lynessa, a Rogue Tourist. If you add Lynessa to your Paladin deck, you can then add any Rogue cards from Perils in Paradise to your. It’s important to reiterate: this feature lets you include cards from this expansion only, not older cards! So your Paladin deck will be able to use any of the new Rogue cards, but not Preparation or Velarok Windblade.

With only one Tourist card per class, each class only gains access to one other class. Here are class crossovers that Tourist cards offer:

  • Paladin gets Rogue cards
  • Rogue gets Warlock cards
  • Warlock gets Death Knight cards
  • Death Knight gets Shaman cards
  • Shaman gets Demon Hunter cards
  • Demon Hunter gets Priest cards
  • Priest gets Hunter cards
  • Hunter gets Warrior cards
  • Warrior gets Druid cards
  • Druid gets Mage cards
  • Mage gets Paladin cards

The cards each class gets in Perils in Paradise will really determine the power of this Keyword — and we’ve only seen a few cards so far. It’s likely that some classes will get more value out of their Tourist card than others.

Refreshing Drink spells

Refreshing Drinks are spells that can be cast up to three times, with the card remaining in your hand until you run out of uses. There are only six of these cards in the expansion, and we’ve seen one of them so far: the Shaman card Malted Magma, which does one damage to all enemies for 2 mana.

New Location cards

In Perils in Paradise, new Location cards can be opened earlier if you fulfill certain conditions. Like Refreshing Drinks, there are only six new Locations. For example, the Druid Location Hiking Trail, which lets you Discover a Taunt minion for 3 mana, will reopen early if you gain Armor. This gives Locations a bit more interactivity, letting you trigger them on demand.

Log in now for a free Legendary!

All players will get a free Legendary from the expansion, Marin the Manager, simply by logging into the game right now.

Perils in Paradise is available for purchase now with the usual pre-purchase bundles, with a standard bundle ($50) and a mega ($80). These pricy prices are the norm for Hearthstone expansions, but you will still be able to buy packs for in-game gold (100 gold each) if you’re not interested in spending.

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