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HearthstoneJun 27, 2024 3:00 pm CT

The decks you need to win Hearthstone’s The Void Singularity Tavern Brawl

There’s a place where time unwinds and space dissolves, beyond the event horizon where you’ll find Hearthstone’s Void Singularity Tavern Brawl. This is a realm pristine, where silence rules. A glittering spread, diamond-hard, with an electric thread. All that exists — what may have been a trillion world — all unfolds into one grand tapestry, woven tight, all matter and form, fused into endless light.

The Void Singularity Tavern Brawl basics

  • Name: The Void Singularity
  • Description: Beyond the Void’s event horizon, all your minions become crushed into a single powerful entity of light. Build a deck and sacrifice your minions to The Void!
  • Difficulty: 8/10
  • Replayability: 4/10
  • Format: Wild
  • Type: PVP
  • Deck: Constructed
  • Rewards: 1 Standard card pack (can contain any card from any set in the current Standard rotation)

All your friendly minions are sacrificed at the end of your turn, unleashing a powerful entity known as the Void Singularity. This formidable creature embodies the might of your fallen minions, inheriting their combined Attack, Health, and mana cost (capped at 10). All your sacrificed minions will trigger their deathrattles and summon creatures, buff minions, or whatever else the deathrattle effect is.

If only the Void Singularity occupies your side of the board, this phase has no effect. If multiple Void Singularities are on your side of the board at the end of your turn, they will be destroyed to create a single Void Singularity. The objective is to outmaneuver your opponent by crafting an ever-growing Void Singularity, while strategically hindering your opponent’s ability to do the same. Master resource allocation and minion manipulation to emerge victorious!

Banned cards: Zilliax Deluxe 3000, E.T.C. Band Manager, Devilsaur Egg, Divine Spirit, Dragon Egg, Inner Fire, Kindly Grandmother, Mechano-Egg, Nerubian Egg, Runic Egg, Swamp Dragon Egg.

How to win The Void Singularity Tavern Brawl

As with almost every Constructed Brawl, there are two components to winning: your deck and your piloting. Piloting refers to making the right turn-to-turn decisions, which is essential to winning even if you’re using the best deck available. The deck you’ll either make or copy one from a site like ours prior to the game. In Constructed Brawls, players discover the most powerful lists very quickly. This leads to the Brawl falling into a meta structure like we see on the Ladder.

Any deathrattle minion that summons other minions is a great idea to include in your deck. There are many “egg” style minions that fit the bill, at least the ones that avoided the banhammer. For example, you’ll see Foul Egg in almost every list. Floppy Hydra should be another popular choice. In addition to the Eggs, deathrattles that remove or take control of opposing minions are popular. Players are also including various “Can’t Attack” or “Can’t Attack unless” minions. These are generally over-statted for their mana cost and that detrimental card text goes away when they are combined into the Singularity.

If you’re looking for some interesting decks to try out, we’ve got you covered with these community-made lists.

The decks you need to win Hearthstone’s The Void Singularity Tavern Brawl

Void Singularity Rainbow Death Knight

  • Credit: Lucero
  • Deck code:
  • This deck leverages Death Knight’s excellent single-target removal with cards like Asphyxiate. This lets you counter the opposing Singularity. The deck includes a small Plague package along with several excellent deathrattle effects and those “Can’t Attack” minions which lose their annoying text as they offer their stats to the Singularity.

Premium Singularity Hunter

  • Credit: Shmaynus
  • Deck code:
  • You know Hunter has some great deathrattles when one of their class cards has to be banned (Kindly Grandmother). Hunter also gives you access to Play Dead and Terrorscale Stalker. Both let you get an extra proc from your deathrattles. This list also leverages Terron Gorefiend to great effect. Deadly Shot and Voodoo Doll are your main answers to the opposing Singularity.

Modified Freeze Mage

  • Credit: jackclown
  • Deck code:
  • This uses various Freeze spells to keep you in control of the board and limit the damage your opponent’s Singularity can do. Sylvanas and Molten Reflection can give you a board that will be difficult to deal with. Infinitize the Maxitude is a good tool to find the answers you need.

Libram Paladin

  • Credit: yangste333
  • Deck code:
  • Paladin’s Hero Power can ensure there are always stats on the board for the Singularity. You also have a variety of tools for taking a huge Singularity and turning it into a 1/1. Even better, you can use Argent Braggart or Righteous Defense to take your opponent’s huge Singularity and use it to buff your own minion.

Dark Priest

  • Credit: Tailsfromvienna
  • Deck code:
  • Priest has some excellent over-statted “Can’t Attack” minions. These are usually fodder for a Silence Priest, but the Singularity will take care of that for you. You’ve also got access to lineup of minions perfect for taking out the enemy Singularity like Big Game Hunter, Sinrunner, Convincing Infiltrator, Najak Hexxen and of your Sylvanas minions.

Mill Rogue

  • Credit: Rostlina
  • Deck code:
  • Mulligan hard for your Coldlight Oracles. Most people just don’t have the tools to handle Mill Rogue in this format. Be sure you keep your Walk the Plank, Assassinate, Big Game Hunter, and Vanish to deal with the opposing Singularity.

Eggscellent Warlock

  • Credit: patronofchaos
  • Deck Code:
  • This deck has a variety of the “Egg” type minions with deathrattles that will summon other minions. Plague of Flames, Impbalming, and Unwilling Sacrifice give you tools to answer for the opposing Singularity. There’s also a small Excavate package with Mo’arg Drillfist and Burrow Buster.

More Void Singularity deck lists

Hopefully, one of these decks listed here should get you the W. Keep checking Hearthstone Top Decks, because there are more Tavern Brawl decks being added by the hour. If you find another great list, share it with us in the comments.

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