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The War Within > WoWJul 11, 2024 6:30 pm CT

Only two weeks to go! WoW patch 11.0.1 launches on July 23

The War Within is World of Warcraft‘s next expansion, and as always there will be a pre-patch that updates the game with new systems and expanded features. With The War Within launching on August 26, we knew the pre-patch had to go live soon: now we know patch 11.0.1 launches July 23. 

The main feature that the patch will bring is Warbands, a new account-wide system that will allow players to share most achievements and reputation across their entire stable of characters. A huge boon to altoholics and those who regularly switch up their mains, the Warband system may be the biggest quality-of-life feature added to the game ever.

Warbands aren’t the only thing to be excited about with the prepatch. Cross-realm guilds become available with patch 11.0.1, letting friends on separate servers join together in the guild format and also giving raiders the opportunity to do recruitment anywhere in the region — cross-realm raiding will be available in Mythic difficulty the week it’s released as well. Those who miss their old mounts will be happy that Dragonriding will be extended to almost every flying mount with the prepatch as well. Finally there will be the Radiant Echoes event which should be useful for players looking to gear up their alts prior to The War Within while also providing some new collectibles.

And once the pre-patch is live, the pre-patch event, Radiant Echoes will start soon after: a splash screen datamined from the patch 11.0.1 PTR says the Radiant Echoes event will start on July 30. That would give Blizzard a week to work out any kinks in the patch — and with so many major changes there are bound to be a few problems on launch day — before the event goes live.

Either way, we don’t have long to wait before Warbands and class changes hit the live servers in patch 11.0.1.

Originally published January 21, 2024; updated July 11, 2024.

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