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Discoverer’s Delight XP buff continues to help players level in WoW Classic Season of Discovery — but it’s already gotten some changes in Phase 3

The Discoverer's Delight XP buff that lets you zoom through levels in WoW Classic Season of Discovery has remained — and even been expanded — in Phase 3, but the game is constantly being adjusted to improve the flow of gameplay during its seasonal level-band phases.

Addons to help you succeed in WoW Classic Hardcore Self-Found mode

World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore’s Self-Found mode goes live today, February 29 at 3PM pacific time, and gives Hardcore players a new challenge to overcome if they choose to -- players can’t trade items with other players through any means (including mailing items between characters) or use the Auction House, so players need to be self-sufficient and reliant when it comes to creating their own items.

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