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Heroes of the Storm: Azmodan guide

At first glance, Azmodan — a high-power ranged Specialist — has an an assortment of abilities that don’t really fit together. He can summon demonic minions, hurl globes of destruction from afar, and burn down enemies with a devastating channeled beam of death. But he’s actually very versatile and can be talented to fill quite a few roles. He’s most known for his Azmodunk build, talenting to bring his Globe of Annihilation ability to nuclear bomb blast levels that can be thrown from half the map away. But he can also be talented to push a lane harder than just about any other hero with his ability to summon extra minions and burn down structures quickly.

Whatever your flavor of choice, this Lord of Sin has quite a few tricks up his sleeve — and all of them are deadly.

Azmodunk Assassin build

Azmodan Specialist (lane pusher) build


  • Can push lanes better than almost any other hero
  • High health pool
  • Excellent at taking merc camps solo

  • No escape abilities
  • Mana issues if you try to do everything


Globe of Annihilation (Q): Shoot a globe of destruction, dealing 360 (75 + 15 per level) damage on impact. Long range. – 60 Mana, Cooldown: 10 seconds

This is a key ability in the Azmodunk build. With it you can clear waves of minions, stop enemies from turning in gems/coins, zone opponents and put pressure on lanes you’re not even in. Properly talented and timed, it can be devastating.

Summon Demon Warrior (W): Spawn a Demon Warrior that marches toward a point. Warriors deal 80 (42 + 2 per level) damage per second and last for 10.5 seconds. – 40 Mana, Cooldown: 10 seconds

Demon Warriors play a minor role in the Azmodunk build since their mana drain doesn’t justify their damage output, but they are key to the Lane Pushing build when properly talented. Just be careful where you point them as they travel in a straight line until they encounter a target.

All Shall Burn (E): Channel a death beam on an enemy dealing 220 (68 + 8 per level) damage per second. The damage amount grows the longer it is channeled, to a maximum of 440 (136 + 16 per level) damage per second. Does 25% more damage to Structures. – Mana: 16 per second, Cooldown: 6 seconds

The very sight of this beam will likely send enemies running (right into your expertly-timed Globe of Annihilation!) in an Azmodunk build. It is the key component in your lane pushing build, too, as it does more damage against structures, can be talented to do even more damage. With the Black Pool Heroic Ability boosting your damage by another 75%, you’ll cut through enemy turrets like a hot knife through butter. Note that you are immobilized while using this and any movement will break the beam until you take the March of Sin talent at Level 13.

Black Pool (R1): Create a pool that empowers Azmodan, his Demons, and allied Minions, increasing their attack and ability damage by 75%. Pools last 5 seconds. – 60 Mana, Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Demonic Invasion (R2): Rain a small army of Demonic Grunts down on enemies, dealing 120 (25 + 5 per level) damage per impact. Demon Grunts deal 60 (22 + 2 per level) damage and have 800 (230 + 30 per level) health. Damage is doubled versus non-Heroic targets. – 100 Mana, Cooldown: 100 seconds

Check out the analysis of these two Heroic abilities in the Talent section below, but the TL;DR version is take Black Pool no matter what.

General of Hell (D): Summon a Demon Lieutenant at an allied Mercenary, Minion, or Summon. The Lieutenant will march with the target, granting 15% increased damage and 15% increased maximum Health to all nearby friendly Mercenaries, Minions, and Summons. Unlimited range. – Cooldown: 30 seconds

This is a great way to push your lane harder — but its real brilliance is its unlimited range. If your lane is already making great progress, use your summon on a lane that’s falling behind to give it a boost. Now you’re pushing two lanes at once! It can also hold your lane while you are off working on a map mechanic or setting up a team fight.

It requires a target for the summons, which isn’t an issue in lane pushing. But if you need one to help you at a merc camp, you can always use your Summon Demon Warrior (W) ability and then target that summons for your Demon Lieutenant to use as a target to be activated.


Talent breakdown

Level 1

Azmodunk: Sieging Wrath will significantly boost your Globe of Annihilation damage from afar. Stop the enemy players from turning in gems on the Spider Queen map without leaving your lane. Bombard a tightly-packed group of opponents without getting close enough to get ganked. It basically allows you to do massive damage from a safe distance. This is great for when you are playing with random teammates that aren’t tightly coordinated. Of course, you lose much of its advantage if you are close to your target.

If you are voice chat with your team and working well together, Taste for Blood is the better option. Team up with Johanna or Leoric who have amazing wave clear so they can drop the health of the minions low and you can finish them off with your Globe and get the permanent damage boost. This talent is harder to take advantage of with random teammates since they likely won’t know to set up minions for you to finish off.

Lane pushing: Master of Destruction is the key to this entire build. The increase to your All Shall Burn channeled damage against structures allows you to melt turrets in record time. And that allows you to push your lane harder and faster than just about any other hero in game.

Level 4

Azmodunk: Sin’s Grasp was recently added to Azmodan’s kit and makes a great addition to his assassin build. This on top of his All Shall Burn channeled damage can finish off a fleeing enemy even after they’ve out run the All Shall Burn range. And if they still get away alive, there’s always your Globe to take them down.

Lane pushing: Army of Hell makes your summoned Demon Warriors more than just cannon fodder. The higher damage and lower mana cost makes them effective enough to justify the mana cost especially when combined with later talents.

Level 7

Azmodunk: Infernal Globe reduces the cast time and speeds up the travel time of your Globe as well as adding a small, short damage over time component. This is all great, but since you’re often aiming to where you think the enemies are going, instead of where they are, you will have to adjust your timing when you pick up this talent.

Lane pushing: Bound Minion is huge boost to your lane minions and will help them push even harder than before when you use your trait to summon a Demon Lieutenant.


Level 10

Azmodunk: Dropping Black Pool under yourself right before you throw your Globe will increase its damage by 75%. Devastating to enemies, especially when you are talented with Sieging Wrath or later in the game with Taste for Blood. It’s also useful for insane All Shall Burn damage. Pro Tip: Use the ALT key to cast this directly under yourself even if you are not on the screen at the time. That way you can keep an eye on the enemy positioning for the perfect Globe toss.

Lane pushing: You’d think Demonic Invasion would naturally fit into this build, but Black Pool is far more versatile and effective. Black Pool’s damage boost works on your minions when placed under them so not only does it essentially do what Demonic Invasion does (extra damage by minions for a short period of time), but it can also be used to boost your own damage when you need it. Drop Black Pool under yourself right before you channel All Shall Burn (traited with Master of Destruction) targeted at the enemy’s core and watch it melt under your onslaught.

Level 13

Azmodunk: While his Globe is the focus of the Azmodunk build, between cooldowns his All Shall Burn channeled damage ability is an important tool in killing opponents (especially with the Sin’s Grasp talent). March of Sin allows Azmodunk to move while channeling the damage beam, though at 75% move speed. Pair him with heroes that slow run speed like Jaina and he can burn down single opponents quickly.

Lane pushing: As with the Level 10 talent, the obvious choice isn’t the best one. While Hellforged Armor looks like a great trait for sustainability of your minions, March of Sin allows for continuous All Shall Burn damage while you are avoiding enemies or positioning yourself away from other danger. And your channeled damage is what’s going to allow you to push lanes faster than anything else.

Level 16

Azmodunk: Blood for Blood is another tool in your arsenal to take down enemies. Bonus: it will also help you sustain your health at the same time.

Lane pushing: Demonic Smite will allow your Demon Lieutenant to cut through enemy minion waves like butter. Great for summoning the Lieutenant in lanes that your team has been ignoring and make progress in them while your team attends to other business on the map.

Level 20

Azmodunk: Fifth Circle adds a slow to your Globe so if your shot doesn’t kill your opponents, it may reduce their run speed long enough for your teammates to pick them off. It could also help while you are fleeing a group of enemies given Azmodan has only one other escape option: the other Level 20 talent, Bolt of the Storm. If you find you’re getting ganked alot, consider taking Bolt instead to put some distance between you and the enemy quickly.

Lane pushing: Forced Recruitment will allow you to summon Demon Lieutenants faster and that means harder pushing in more lanes than one! Of course, if you’re getting ganked a lot, consider Bolt of the Storm instead for quick escapes.

Playstyle tips

The Azmodunk build is flashy with its enormous damage from long range when precisely timed (see video above), but it mostly relies on building up damage stacks from Taste for Blood, unless you went for safe bet with Sieging Wrath. In between Globe of Annihilation cooldowns, use your All Shall Burn channeled damage to kill or scare off opponents. Also use your Demon Lieutenants to push your lane or the lane of others while you are off doing other things. One of those other things should be to take merc camps, which Azmodan excels at no matter what his build.

The lane pushing build is recommended for when you want to solo play and not rely on coordination from your teammates. You can basically win the game by yourself by pushing multiple lanes, working the merc camps, and taking out single enemies. And let’s face it, we’ve all been in matches where no one is cooperating or working the map mechanics like they should. Azmodan is great to take care of business across just about every map — just remember to avoid team fights.

No matter what your build, Azmodan has one main weakness. Though he has one the largest health pools in the game, he has only one escape option and that’s his level 20 talent, Bolt of the Storm. So be very aware of your positioning and don’t dive too deep going after enemies or objectives as you won’t be able to get away if the tables are turned on you unless you have help from your team.

Written by Dan O’Halloran. Last updated 9/28/2015.

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