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Blizzard Watch Podcast

Blizzard Watch Podcast: The crushing weight of too much content

Join us as we discuss the smaller delights found in WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3, trying to keep up with all of the seasons/battle pass/limited time event grinds across multiple games, and what recent single player fantasy games (other than Baldur's Gate 3) is equivalent to Cyberpunk 2077’s engaging mix of massive world building, story driven quests, and modern graphics.

Blizzard Watch Podcast: Noblegarden has gone to the ducks and we’re here for it

Join us as we discuss the new adorable duck reward from this year’s Noblegarden event, Diablo 4’s first PTR, what we’d like to see in the future for WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery, how Overwatch introduced a new hero but without all the extra stories usually surrounding the launch of a character, and we end on a deep discussion about Pirate Stitches and shark guns.

Blizzard Watch Podcast: Welcome to the Plunderdome!

Join us as we discuss Plunderstorm, the surprise 60-person Battle Royale mode Blizzard just dropped for WoW (but not for WoW, it’s a thing.) We also cover our varying levels of excitement and disappointment over the new Hero specializations revealed for The War Within, wax nostalgic for the new 10th anniversary Hearthstone cards referencing the game’s past, and wrap up with the question we’ve been asking ourselves a lot lately, "Does Overwatch even know what it's trying to be anymore?" You can listen to the podcast directly from this post or click on download icon in the upper right corner of the player below to listen on your own device.

Blizzard Watch Podcast: Should Diablo 4 steal the World of Warcraft trading post?

Join us as we discuss the idea of Diablo 4 making more cosmetics attainable through in-game activities, the Hearthstone 10th anniversary event in WoW along with all the limited-time shinies that it drops, the confusing dungeon difficulty changes coming to Dragonflight Season 4, the irony of the upcoming launch of WoW Cataclysm Classic, and the on-going mystery around WoW patch 10.2.6.

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