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I have a mild obsession with InspiroBot, and it is entirely thanks to you folks. I’m pretty sure Liz would not appreciate the comments consisting wholly of inspirational quotes, but I’m also even more pretty sure they would make me laugh heartily. Do with that information as you will.

Now, onto the good stuff — oh, and I’ve fixed last week’s oversight this time around. Very sorry about that!

Zel is a loose Druid cop on the edge who doesn’t play by the rules:

Q4tQ: I recently got the Mage Tower Guardian Druid appearance, that sweet sweet Werebear! Since getting that I’ve felt invincible, ready to take on any raid boss without backup. Has there ever been an item in game that made you feel the same way? Is there something that you’re looking forward to getting that you just know is going to let you become the unstoppable juggernaut of destruction that you were always meant to be?

Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like it’s more difficult to get this feeling about a caster class than it is a melee (and especially tanking) class. I think maybe the one Priest set that has stuck out to me at least somewhat in this way is the original Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode set coupled with Anathema.

Currently, I’m enjoying the red/black variant of the Priest Tier 20 set, which gives a similar feel — though it’s worth noting, I feel more like a badass as a Forsaken than I did wearing this stuff as a Night Elf.

Vaeku knows me a little too well, but I still answer the question honestly:

If you could make any skin in HotS canon in their respective game what would you pick? Besides Bikini Stitches obviously.

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Well, since you’ve eliminated Bikini Stitches as an option… I think that Druid of the Flame Malfurion, Betrayer Malfurion, and Shan’do Illidan all have very, very interesting implications if they were to become canon (retroactively or otherwise).

However, Archangel Diablo (the purple one) ultimately wins because he’s not only equally interesting as a lore opportunity, but he’s also not a Stormrage.

Kalcheus reminds me that I’m angry about things all over again:

Q4TQ: Have you changed specs on a toon simply because you loved the artifact appearance for the new spec?

I have not, but I am (still) incredibly jealous of some of the Holy Priest staff variants. Seriously, some of those things would work so perfectly on a Shadow Priest that I will be genuinely sad if Blizzard decides against transmogging to off-spec Artifact weapons in the future.

Eno done need some trivia:

My mom’s bugging me to ask her some good movie trivia (let’s say from 40’s-90’s). You guys got any good ones? Shes a movie trivia buff >_>

Feel free to add more in the comments, but here’s mine: Who was the original “Mrs.” in The Graduate’s “Mrs. Robinson” song, and why was it changed?

(Remind me to answer this in the comments where I can properly spoiler tag it.)

“Oscra in Nagrand” – Mitch, age almost-25
Tiyet (dillene) asks me the best kind of question, the kind that allows me to draw:

Okay, I asked this in a lore thread once but I’ll bring it up here:  if the gronn evolved into ogres, and ogres evolved into orcs, then what is the next logical step for the indigenous species of Draenor?

So far, it seems like this chain of evolution involves getting smaller, standing on fewer legs, and also gaining more eye-holes. Clearly, this means that the next step in evolution would be a uni-pedal race of tiny, three-eyed humanoids.

I’ve taken the liberty of sketching one of these “Oscra” — which is what I believe they would most likely be called.

Rocket123 simultaneously caters to me and to my arch enemy:

How are you so amazing at everything you do man? I mean seriously you must be a god amongst rotting corpses or something? Can you share your excercise techniques or something? SQUEEEEEEE

But nah seriously man. As a person thinking about getting into playing a priest this xpac what spec would you suggest playing in a serious way? When it comes to legion I love focusing on a single spec and just sticking with it for the entire time. Which spec do you feel… Is the superior spec. Gameshow theme music plays in the background.

My secret is a pact I made with the Void Lords many, many moons ago. Also rock climbing. It’s a blast.

As for the second question, do you not know who you’re talking to? Shadow is the best. I literally have not put any points (beyond the free 100) into my Holy or Disc. Artifact weapons. If you pick anything but Shadow, I will disown you for the rest of forever.

However, I will also say that Holy is crap for soloing stuff, Disc. is nigh indestructible but also very slow-going, and Shadow can be squishy while leveling or for the very first bit of post-110 content but is otherwise very great. If you want a better idea about the two healing specs, I’d begrudgingly recommend asking my arch-nemesis about those.

Lotharfox is all, “Space, man. Does it let us see the truth?”:

Continents on Azeroth question: Chronicle describes the original, pre-shattering Kalimdor as the largest continent on the planet. That would imply there were more continents at that time. A globe in Ulduar shows the two continents we know and Northrend (Pandaria still shrouded in mists). And after that, Metzen said he wished there weren’t globes in the game, as it showed too much, including areas they hadn’t shown yet.

However, now with Argus and Azeroth so close to one another, you can see Azeroth in whole, rotating in space (the nether). It still only shows the known continents, it doesn’t show anything but water on the other side of the planet.

My Q for you all: Do you think Blizz will implement new continents on Azeroth sometime in the future, with a “we just couldn’t see them before” explanation? Or do you think that is really all the landmass there is?

Funny enough, checking the view of Azeroth from Argus was one of the first things I did, because I’m curious about this stuff, too.

Honestly, I think Blizzard will add landmasses if they need to, but I don’t think they necessarily need to quite yet. Whenever they do feel the need to, they’ll probably do what they’ve been doing so far and just add them to the map players use when they hit “M” while (understandably) not going back and updating things like the Ulduar globes or the Argus view.

With that said, I’m pretty sure new continents will remain on this side of Azeroth for as long as possible and that we won’t have a southern hemisphere pop out of nowhere — it just seems like it would be too much of a stretch, especially given the view from Argus. I can, however, see Blizzard adding a “back” to Azeroth down the line — but again, I’m not sure we’re at that point yet.

Mistah Jay takes us home with a random and a classic:

a Q4tQ and a 2BE

Q4tQ: How long have you gone without blinking, or do you not notice?

2BE: Natalie Seline vs Kanrethad Ebonlocke

First Q: I wish I noticed, but every time I begin to notice, I blink, and I have no idea how long it was before that that I stopped blinking.

Second Q: In my totally biased opinion, Natalie Seline. She started the entire Cult of the Forgotten Shadow and brought about Shadow Priests as we know them! What did Ebonlocke ever do? Get his butt kicked by a sub-500 ilvl scrublord? No contest.

That’s all for today! Please leave Liz lots of questions so she doesn’t hate me (…but also, feel free to share InspiroBot quotes and/or provide your own interpretation of what an Oscra might look like).

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