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WoWFeb 24, 2015 2:00 pm CT

Raiding With Leashes 3 field guide

The latest installment of the popular collecting series features pets from 3 Burning Crusade-era raids. Some are modeled after trash, and some look like those bygone boss encounters we all love to hate.

Here are a few screenshots of these new beauties so you know what you’re looking for, where to find them, and a bite-sized assessment of their abilities. This is a quick & dirty guide for all you pet battlers out there trying to decide whether to conquer The Black Temple, The Sunwell or Mount Hyjal first while you’re “Drinkin’ From The Sunwell.”



Drop From: Anetheron

Family: Undead

Abilities: Diseased Bite, Rot, Corpse Explosion, Infected Claw, Plagued Blood, Digest Brains

Pretty decent healing. Mostly Undead offense. No Critter moves, so Rot is likely to go unused without team synergy.

Hyjal Wisp

Drop From: Archimonde

Family: Magic

Abilities: Feedback, Evanescence, Wish, Arcane Blast, Sear Magic, Amplify Magic

Evanescence and Wish are in different slots, so I’m predicting that this Wisp may be a real powerhouse, especially in the notoriously flimsy Magic family. The rest of its moves are fairly ho-hum, however.


Drop From: Azgalor

Family: Undead

Abilities: Gargoyle Strike, Ravage, Stone Form, Shadow Shock, Agony, Ghostly Bite

Has a lot of healing capability, but Stone Form is highly situational and will be tough to use properly. Lots of Undead damage.

General Tips: Mount Hyjal is still a pain to get through, even at level 100. The Alliance camp is fairly easy to do quickly if you have an AOE, because you can run down to the spawn point & go nuts to expedite the waves (though you do have to run back to Jaina to get them to begin). The Horde camp is a nightmare, with gargoyles that spawn at the back and infernals that spawn all over the map. I definitely recommend you use a ranged DPS to do your grind here if possible. Make sure to grab those Tears of the Goddess from Tyrande before Archimonde if your DPS is a bit low.


Leviathan Hatchling

Drop From: High Warlord Naj’entus

Family: Aquatic

Abilities: Tail Slap, Toxic Skin, Whirlpool, Water Jet, Poison Spit, Primal Cry

Has very strong choices for aquatic offense. Toxic Skin is going to be  an excellent counter against battle pets like rabbits or birds with multiple hit attacks.

Sister Of Temptation

Drop From: Mother Shahraz

Family: Humanoid

Abilities: Shadow Shock, Curse of Doom, Lovestruck, Agony, Siphon Life, Haunting Song

With the exception of the Lovestruck stun all her moves are Undead, making for a unique off-family combo. Very DoT heavy, including Curse of Doom, which is always a powerhouse.


Drop From: Supremus

Family: Magic

Abilities: Immolation, Flamethrower, Volcano, Crush, Scorched Earth, Meteor Strike

Abilities are somewhat similar to Minfernal‘s, but in a less frustratingly rare package. Scorched Earth provides a weather effect, but a rather situational one.

General Tips: I was able to obtain these without much fuss at level 100. To unlock the door to Mother Shahraz for the Sister of Temptation, you have to complete all the other bosses accessible before her, including the 2 for Abyssius & the Leviathan Hatchling, so after week one we’re probably going to see lots of duplicates of the latter 2.


Fragment of Desire

Drop From: Reliquary of Souls

Family: Undead

Abilities: Spiritfire Bolt, Reflective Shield, Soulrush, Arcane Blast, Soul Ward, Soothe

Mostly Magic moves. Desire has a bit more defense than Suffering or Anger. Both moves in the 3rd slot feature a stun effect.

Fragment of Suffering

Drop From: Reliquary of Souls

Family: Undead

Abilities: Arcane Blast, Darkflame, Drain Power, Spiritfire Bolt, Breath of Sorrow, Soulrush

A slightly odd off-family ability set here. Darkflame and Breath of Sorrow are both Elemental and cut opponent’s healing in half. Everything else is Magic.

Fragment of Anger

Drop From: Reliquary of Souls

Family: Undead

Abilities: Spiritfire Bolt, Spiritfire Beam, Soulrush, Seethe, Enrage, Spirit Spikes

Like its namesake, this pet is built for burst damage. It’s a mix of Magic and Elemental damage, plus that big DPS boost with Enrage.

General Tips: All 3 of these pets are from a single boss so these were the ones I had to kill the most bosses to get even though Mother Shahraz is far further in the instance. I had the other 3 Black Temple pets within 2 weeks, but despite farming the instance every week with at least 5 toons since PTR went live I ended up having to borrow a Fragment Of Suffering from another pet battling enthusiast (many thanks to Quintessence, an admin over at Warcraft Pets) in order to complete this guide. Start on this group now. Yes, even if you’re reading this before patch 6.1 goes live.


Chaos Pup

Drop From: M’uru

Family: Magic

Abilities: Bite, Dreadful Breath, Enrage, Eyeblast, Consume Corpse, Nether Gate

A new Force Swap pet, though that combo is out of style. I’m thinking that pairing this pup with a Cleansing Rain buddy, then using Enrage and Dreadful Breath may be a fun trick.

Wretched Servant

Drop From: Eredar Twins

Family: Humanoid

Abilities: Jab, Consume, Wild Magic, Nether Blast, Weakness, Consume Magic

This pet has a decent amount of healing up its sleeve, as well as some decent off-family damage.

Sunblade Micro-Defender

Drop From: Brutallus

Family: Mechanical

Abilities: Zap, Interrupting Bolt, Shock and Awe, Haywire, Repair, Armageddon

Healing with Repair is always a good thing in PVE, less so in PVP. Armageddon on the other hand is a fairly decent hail mary if a pet is the first down, and this pet has a lot of Mechanical blitz offense, making it a good first slot pick overall.

General Notes: I occasionally had trouble spawning the Eredar Twins for the Wretched Servant. If you kill everything on the ramp as you encounter it after you kill Felmyst, you’ll be alright. I usually just run straight from boss to boss & kill the stuff I aggro after I get there but these leash, so you have to kill them as though you were running at level 70.



Family: None

Abilities: None

K’ute transcends silly things like family classifications and pet battles. K’ute is unending. K’ute is one with the universe. K’ute is just the cutest widdle naaru in the whole world, yes you are.

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