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WoWMar 4, 2015 4:00 pm CT

Don’t forget your Darkmoon Faire toys

If you’re a toy collector, don’t forget to hit up the Darkmoon Faire before it’s gone for the month — three new toys have been introduced on top of the toys that were already available for the taking, bringing the total up to ten … for now, that is. As the new Darkmoon Race continues to roll out over the next three months, new toys will be added with every iteration. Needless to say, with so many toys up for grabs, it’s gotten a little easier to reach that coveted Toymaster achievement. But since the Darkmoon Faire is only available for a limited time each month, you might want to go grab what you can, while it’s still available for March.

  • Flimsy Yellow Balloon The easiest toy to get at the Faire. Hunt down Carl Goodup and purchase the balloon for a mere 10 silver.
  • Moonfang’s Paw This fun toy will turn you into a wolf — it drops from Moonfang in the forests just west of the Faire itself. Moonfang requires several people to kill, and takes some time to spawn. Once you start to see wolves roaming the woods, start clearing them out. Eventually you’ll spawn larger wolves, and then Moonfang herself.
  • Moonfang Shroud Moonfang has two toys available for the taking. The Shroud turns your helm into a wolf’s head.
  • Ring of Broken Promises This odd little item can be obtained by heading out to the northeastern edge of the island and looking for a shipwreck off the coast, approximately 74,33 for those with coordinates. Head under the water and into the Cavern of Lament, where you’ll find a group of mobs called Erinys. These level 100 elite mobs pack quite a punch and have a mind-control spell, but they can be soloed if you have a high enough ilvl and you pull just one. The Erinys drop an item that begins a quest, Broken Promises, and the toy is a reward from turning in the quest.
  • Blazing Wings These fiery wings are a reward from completing the achievement Brood of Alysrazor, which requires you to fly through 50 Blazing Rings in one session of Firebird’s Challenge.
  • Darkmoon Ring-Flinger Toss all 10 rings you receive for playing the Ring Toss on Dubenko the turtle’s back, and you’ll get yourself the Triumphant Turtle Tossing achievement, and the toy that makes you fall over and spill rings in a Sonic the Hedgehog-reminiscent maneuver. The turtle moves a bit differently now than he did before, but here’s a tip – be patient with your rings. Dubenko will path out in a straight line, pause, and speed back towards the center of the area. The direction he goes out changes every time, but he always returns to the exact same spot. Time your ring toss to match up with when he arrives at that center spot — I found that if you begin your throw just after he turns and starts speeding back to the middle, you’ll land it every time.
  • Darkmoon Tonk Controller Awarded from hitting 45 targets in the Tonk Challenge. This achievement is very, very difficult to complete, and there may be a hotfix in the works to address its difficulty level.
  • Fire-Eater’s Vial Another achievement reward — this time, you must complete The Real Race within 11 tolls to net yourself the Darkmoon Racer Roadhog achievement, and get the Vial right along with it.
  • Darkmoon Whistle This loud, annoying, irritating and therefore incredibly amusing whistle can be yours for the low (maybe not so low) price of 90 Darkmoon Prize Tickets from Gelvas Grimegate, the Souvenir vendor.
  • Haunting Memento This item also costs 90 Darkmoon Prize Tickets, and can be obtained from Chester, who is camped next to the path that leads to Sayge’s tent. Heads up to those of you collecting Music Rolls, you can also purchase the Darkmoon Carousel roll from Chester for an additional 90 tickets.

Three additional toys will be rolled out over the next three months, and all three toys are linked to achievements for The Real Race. In April, you’ll be able to pick up an Everlasting Darkmoon Firework, in May you can get your hands on your very own Attraction Sign, and in June, you can set your sights on the Gaze of the Darkmoon. Remember, completing The Toymaster will not only give you bragging rights, but also the Robo-Gnomebulator, a toy that will turn you into a clockwork gnome. The Darkmoon Faire ends this Sunday, and won’t be back until April 5.



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