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WoWMar 5, 2015 3:00 pm CT

Neutral pandaren Doubleagent hits level 100

It’s been a long grind to get here — one that makes even The Insane seem straightforward —  but neutral pandaren player Doubleagent (the only long-time neutral player we know of) has finally reached level 100. What makes this so tricky, for those who haven’t been following Doubleagent’s journey to this point, is the fact that you can’t leave the pandaren starting zone without choosing a faction, which significantly limits your advancement options.

But where Blizzard intended this as a hard choice, Doubleagent took it as a challenge — leveling up primarily with gathering professions and pet battle dailies (some of which can be completed on one character and turned in on another). Unfortunately, unless Doubleagent wants to pick a faction, he’s still stuck with only the Wandering Isle to explore. So what’s next for Doubleagent? Maybe when the next expansion hits we’ll see our favorite neutral heading to level 110 in the same way.

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