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WoWMar 5, 2015 2:00 pm CT

The elusive Voidtalon of the Dark Star mount and how to find it

So, last week when patch 6.1 dropped, one of the secrets it contained was the mysterious Voidtalon of the Dark Star mount. We were told precious little about this mount – we didn’t know where it could be found or what you had to do to find it. Well, as players are wont to do, they rolled up their sleeves and got to exploring Draenor, and reports are starting to trickle in. Both Wowhead and Kotaku have posts detailing how to find this mysterious mount.

According to both sources, the mount is at once hard and not so hard to get. It’s hard because it is entirely random – you have to be in one of the level 100 Apexis Daily spots and see an Edge of Reality portal (I was in such a zone and saw such a portal, but didn’t click on it because I didn’t know what  it was and I was busy grinding for my 800 Apexis – more fool I, I suppose) which will stay up for a short period of time and can only be used by one character.

On the up side, if you do see such a portal and zone through to the scenario it contains, you don’t have to do anything but inspect a dead Voidtalon mob – on its corpse is an egg, and once you click on that, the Voidtalon is yours.

Wowhead also has a helpful video up, if you like watching video tutorials of things.

So there you go, there’s how you find the Voidtalon of the Dark Star. Good luck watching for those portals.

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