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The QueueMar 5, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: A little bit of everything

Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain Adventure

As I promised in yesterday’s Queue comments. You’re welcome.


I’ve been playing the old RTS warcraft games again this past weeks and I got a question: why didn’t the night elves help the survivors of lordaeron once they “stopped” Illidan?, I mean, they couldn’t fight the scourge but Malfurion and Tyrande could have helped evacuate the survivors to theramore.

The Night Elves, as was correctly pointed out in the comments, used to be a bit more rough around the edges. In the early days of WoW lore they were much more isolationists than they are now — and I don’t mean historically, but present time. It’s a bit of a retcon in some regards, but a very minor one in my opinion.

Always take what you see and hear in the earlier games with a grain of salt — 20 years has passed since they came onto the scene and there’s been a fair amount of change in the basic motifs of every race.


What minor in-game update are you still glad for, whether recent or otherwise?

Any time I use a “swift” mount on a level 20 character, I’m grateful that Blizz eventually changed their minds on giving each mount its own set speed.

In no particular order:

  • Being able to “Create all” on Garrison work orders.
  • Being able to quickly complete all Garrison missions.
  • 30 minute hearth stones.
  • Searchable bags
  • Movable character on the select screen
  • Gear sets built into the game


Holy cow do you have writers now, many I don’t know yet, but will. Any chance of some of the alumni stopping by to say hi. OK, maybe Olivia may not be able to since she works for Wowhead, but what about Fox, Sacco, McCurley fries etc…?

We certainly have gotten a lot of writers back on board and invited several great new faces too (Seriously, I love all the new people. They’re rocking it big time.). We’re not adverse to having some old faces pop in for a guest post, but the reality is that jobs and other contracts prevent that from happening. I think it’s pretty cool that a lot (if not all?) of our alums have gone on to work in the industry or are doing pretty amazing stuff.


Why doesn’t The Queue show up in the RSS feed?

Well…. I broke that. WordPress is letting us write The Queue like this quick and easy via some custom post hackery, which for whatever reason isn’t translating into the RSS feed. I tried to fix it a few times already, but have just ended up breaking things more. I need to pull apart the entire RSS code and find out where something is messed up. That’s just going to take a few hours, and hopefully I’ll get to it this weekend.


Does anyone know what the spell effect that sometimes shows up over the pile of crates and barrels just inside the garrison mine means? I’ve seen it a couple of times and have no idea what it is.

If you have sparkles over the pile of crates, that means that you should pick it up and get the loot inside them.

If you have a watch over a crate, that means that there’s an active work order going on and you have nothing to pick up yet.

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