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The QueueMar 18, 2015 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Salvage

Salvage Yard is love. Salvage Yard is life.


With 6.1 being so stark of new endgame content, how do people remain invested in WoD? It has so much potential that seems to be wasted on selfies and twitter integration. I find myself only logging in to gather mats from my mine, or to run LFR to gather items for the Ring. I just don’t seem to care anymore.

Personally, I realized I’m treating this expansion as a way to prepare for the next one. That is, my focus has been on ways to make gold. I’ve never been particularly wealth in WoW — I usually float around 20,000 gold — which is more than some people have, but not enough to buy any of the highly priced items in WoW. No expensive mounts, no good BOE epics, none of that stuff, and I always have to second guess myself when I think about buying something. This expansion hasn’t been particularly compelling to me, but I’m making more gold than I ever have before. If I keep it up, I can buy whatever I want in the next expansion if it excites me more. Given I’ve been playing WoW for ten years and I don’t foresee myself quitting completely at any time in the near future, making gold feels like a smart long-haul approach.

Everyone is going to have a different answer to this, I expect. And my answer would probably seem silly to many people who don’t take a long-haul approach in MMOs. But it is what it is.


I have a few level 92 characters hanging out in their garrisons and doing profession dailies and work orders so they can craft items for my main. I’m planning to level them all to 100 eventually but it hasn’t been a high priority for me yet. For the 6.1 profession updates, you need to talk to one of the profession  traders that show up in your town hall. Is it possible for a non-level 100 to visit someone’s garrison to get these items, or do you have to be level 100 in order to get the new recipes?

You don’t need to be level 100, no. Quick, easy answer!


I noticed in Black Temple last night (there for the pets of course) that DBM showed an enrage timer on the Illidan fight of 25 minutes. I’m a Wrath baby so I never saw it when current.

Did the Illidan fight really last that long or close to it?

I’m trying to remember if my raid team ever saw Illidan enrage back in the day. I don’t think we did. Illidan’s mechanics were such that either you wiped early, or you killed him. Many of those long enrage timers in early raids came into play when something happened like… a bunch of your DPS players died at the beginning of the encounter, but your tanks and healers are so on top of things that they survive anyway, and the boss can’t kill the tanks/healers, but the tanks/healers can’t do much more than chip away at the boss’s health. If your DPS were alive, the boss would be dead in 10-15 minutes. Without them, the tanks and healers could be chipping away for an hour. And if such a thing is possible, what stops a raid from kicking out a bunch of DPS players and replacing them with mostly healers? Sure, the boss would take a long time to die, but you could kill him eventually, right? Nope. The enrage forces you to have a balanced raid team.

Eventually, Blizzard started getting more creative an including the “soft enrage.” That is, other mechanics that slowly spin out of control until they overwhelm you if you take too long, or don’t have enough DPS. For example, adds that spawn throughout the fight. If they spawn faster and faster over the course of the fight, you need to kill the boss before there are more adds than you can handle. Or damage that slowly ramps up until you can’t keep up with the healing.


I haven’t seen new article from the Death Knight column for quite a few weeks. What happen to it?

Current ETA is this weekend. It’s coming!


Have you ever read any WoW or Blizzard fanfiction before? What are some of your favorites?

I know the fanfiction scene is pretty huge, but tend to avoid sticking my nose in it — whether it be World of Warcraft or some other franchise. I’m not morally opposed to it, it just totally doesn’t interest me. Not anymore, anyway. My dark secret is I wrote some WoW fanfiction ages ago. Before I started this gig. I started this gig in 2008, so that’ll tell you how long ago it was. I don’t think the story exists anymore and I’m pretty happy about that fact. I was probably 18 or 19 years old when I wrote it. It was probably total garbage based on my age alone.


Liz does a good Queue.  Why not more?

I’ll pass this on!


Does Muradin offer anything for weekly raid quest other than Brackenspore? If so, has anyone received a different raid quest since 6.1 launched. If not, isn’t this yet another reason that Blizzard needs to change their random generation to prevent back-to-back results (specifically I’m thinking with Follower rerolls, item “of the X” rerolls, Archaeology research projects, daily and weekly quests and specifically not thinking about loot drops from bosses).

Muradin can also offer quests for Ko’ragh and Imperator Mar’gok, but I’ve mostly seen Brackenspore, too. I think I saw Ko’ragh once. Never Mar’gok. Probably because I don’t go chasing him across multiple garrisons for the raid quest, so I’ve missed what he offers a good number of times.

Muradin also has Blackrock Foundry quests, but they don’t appear to be enabled on live servers yet. When they are, there will be quests for Kromog, Blast Furnace (Heart of the Mountain), Admiral Gar’an, and Blackhand.

In short, he has a quest for the end boss of every wing of each raid, as divided by LFR queues. Blackrock Foundry quests are not yet active.


What do you guys do with all the greens from the salvage yard? I’ve got 5 level 3 salvage yards and it’s getting silly now. Most greens (non-WoD) are piling up in an Alt’s guild bank. I can’t seem to AH them fast enough. Nobody’s buying.

My Warlords of Draenor greens get disenchanted. Anything prior to Warlords of Draenor gets vendored. For awhile, I tried selling the good-looking ones on the auction house as transmog gear, but nobody seems to actually want the stuff. Vendoring it turns it into cash. I don’t feel bad about that.

That’s all, folks!

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