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The QueueMar 31, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Get rich with your garrison

Want to know how to make a boat load of money in Warlords? Just get your level 3 garrison on a handful of characters and run gold missions all the time. 1,000g/day per max character isn’t terribly hard to pull off. You just make a disgusting amount… so much so that I wonder if it’s going to be possible to buy your game time with that.



Why is maintenance so long today? WoW Tokens?

It’s possible that’s what it is, but Blizzard did say they’d give us a heads up about it. So far we haven’t heard anything, so I’d like to believe them.

My guess is that it’s just server hardware work — Blizzard keeps their software and hardware working in prime condition, so there’s always something that can be done to improve things. Most of the time that requires the game to go offline. Not a big deal… try not to read into this too much.


Face it Blizz, selfies, social media and “tokens” do not make a game patch for a an expac.  Those features should have been rolled into patches with actual content.  Check your numbers of people STILL PLAYING vs. the amount of people playing BEFORE the lack luster patch that was 6.x and following.  Way to “Wildstar” things Blizz.

I actually agree for the most part, but I don’t feel that Blizzard is doing a major disservice to any of us. What they’re doing is exactly what we’ve asked them to: spread out the content more. That means there’ll be smaller patches of “cool stuff” and larger patches of serious WoW content.

In my opinion this is for the best; but it’s also something that we’re going to have to get used to. For years we thought of a patch as this discreet unit of awesomeness that delivered new adventures for our characters. And for years we always complained that there was too much time between the last patch and the next expansion. Now we’re going to have to shift our thinking a bit.

We’ll need to come to terms with a patch being a small thing sometimes, and a larger thing other times. Other games this is how it’s done; and WoW is just going to have to follow suit, or else risk incredibly long dead content times.

And for what it’s worth, WoW hasn’t gone “Wildstar” at all — that’s an incredibly failed game. I’m disappointed it’s failed, but WoW is no where near that level.


Wait wait, WHAT portal to Ashran? I like to think I’ve explored my entire garrison fairly thoroughly, and I certainly don’t have a portal to Ashran. I have my hearthstone set there, though.

When you have a level 3 garrison head towards your mines, you’ll see a tower. This isn’t the same as the mage tower, it’s a completely separate tower that’s in every level 3 garrison, Horde or Alliance. When you go up to the top of the tower, you’ll see a portal. Take it, win at life, and enjoy a direct port to Ashran.

It surprises me how many people didn’t know about this. Even Anne was surprised on the podcast last night. May it’s time for this little tip to be its own article…


Will we see competitions for people for outside the US?

Maybe for things that don’t require shipping. I’m just being really honest here, so don’t kill me!

I’d rather spend the $100 it’d cost to ship something on a couple articles that we need. Overseas stuff gets super expensive really fast, so the less we have to do the better.

There’s also a lot of legal concerns, and some places we’ll just never be able to hold a contest in. Sorry to those folks — I know it’s not fun.


Whatever became of the feature that would have allowed us to breed and sell battle pets? I don’t remember where I read it, but it was supposed to be part of the garrison menagerie, I think. I love the stones as rewards, but I’d love to raise up a herd of little blue goats, or maybe a passle of Robo-Chicks with my engineer, or Li’l Bad Wolves with my worgen, or…

It’s on the back burner. Blizzard hasn’t said it’s been scrapped, just that they haven’t designed it correctly yet. Personally I’d rather wait for it to be perfect than have a crappy one be released.

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