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The QueueApr 11, 2015 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I got a new pet

Welcome to The Queue, the Q&A column for all things Blizzard related. If you have a question for the Queue, leave a comment and you may see it answered tomorrow!

I have a new pet. It is the best pet ever, there is no convincing me otherwise, and if you really thought I’d name it anything else well, I don’t know what to say to you. But I do know how to answer questions, so let’s do that instead!


I bought a game token for game time. I have a monthly subscription — will I simply not pay this month and then next month go back to business as usual?

Yes. You’ll notice when you use the token that it will pop up a window showing you your old date for renewal, and the new date as of the token’s use — one month later. Your monthly subscription will pick up again at that date … unless you use another token, of course!


Question on schools of design in graphic arts for gaming. Do game-related graphic arts have specific styles (schools) defined by aesthetic approaches, akin to what is seen in the paint/sculpture world? For example, impressionists (Monet) as a school of painterly art. Or maybe gaming is too specific of a sub-set to make any real comments?

I don’t think there are specific named styles or schools when it comes to gaming art — I have heard of various art styles being used in video games, like a game being described as having an impressionist quality to it, that sort of thing. But within the actual realm of art as it applies to game design, I don’t think there’s any particular terminology used for style differences other than the usual art descriptors — and those are descriptors, not really a “style.”


Q4TQ: So I was clearing Black Temple on my Monk (no Glaives or pets, grumble grumble) and I started wondering about the Den of Mortal Delights. Like, what the heck was Blizzard thinking? And what’s the lore behind demon harems and Mother Shahraz?

Each wing of the Black Temple takes its cues from one of Illidan’s allies. So the opening bosses in the sewers are naga and other creatures appropriate for Lady Vashj, the orcs and demons outside and in the inner wings are indicative of his status as overseer of the fel orcs, the broken draenei inside are Akama’s Ashtongue (which is why they turn from hostile to friendly once you help Akama out), and as for the Den of Mortal Delights, given the creatures than inhabit it I’d say it was more of a nod to Kael’thas than anything.

What’s really interesting, though, is the fact that Kael’thas’ “wing” is full of demons, pointing to his obvious allegiance with the Burning Legion over Illidan, which comes back again full circle at the Sunwell Plateau.


QFTQ: Any speculation on what we will find in Tanaan? Do you think we’ll be invading through the iron gates to the west? Embarking on a level 100 quest storyline throughout the zone? What factions might we befriend or fight? And most importantly, will it be the Black Citadel we raid?

Orcs. So many orcs.

Really though, I expect we’ll see some kind of mass chaos going on. Gul’dan is in control whether we like it or not, and I suspect the Bleeding Hollow clan isn’t going to look much like the Bleeding Hollow anymore. I don’t know if we’ll see any new factions, but I suspect there will be a lot of Burning Legion alongside the last remnants of the Iron Horde.

We won’t be seeing the Black Citadel, as that was another name used for the Black Temple, aka Karabor. (Yes, I realize this doesn’t make sense, but it’s been confirmed before.) We will, I suspect, see a reworked, fully functioning version of the fortress that became Hellfire Citadel in Outland. Who knows, maybe we’ll have capture points around this version of the citadel, too!


Isn’t there a discount on the mog Yak anymore? I went out there on my Exalted with guild Warrior and it was 120000g. I then went out there on my Goblin (who are/were supposed to have a racial discount) and it was 120000g. Previously with the discount for either guild or Goblin it used to cost 108000g.

If you could gain reputation with Uncle Bigpocket, you’d get a discount. But you can’t gain reputation with Uncle Bigpocket, because you are already friend to grummles. Grummles call everyone friend! Uncle Bigpocket gives friend discount* to everyone!


*Friend discount, 120,000 gold. No haggles.


Do we KNOW Grommash isn’t going to be a boss?  What is to stop them from forcing him to ingest the blood, transforming into whatever-it-be?  I could see it even happening as you’re just about to save him but bam, he goes berserk and you have to kill him.

This is, in fact, a distinct possibility. I’d almost hate to see it happen, because I’m kind of gunning for Grommash to come back home to Azeroth with us.

Look, it’s Grom Hellscream, I can’t help it, okay?


Q4tQ: Naaru hero for HotS, yea or nay?

That would be so incredibly OP.

That’s it for Saturday’s edition of The Queue — be sure to leave your questions in the comments for tomorrow!

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