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The QueueApr 18, 2015 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Just thrilled to be here

Rossi’s gnome monk looks about as pleased to be tanking for us as Rossi is about playing a monk in general. Have you checked out our WoW leveling stream on Thursdays yet? You can catch the back episodes on our YouTube channel. On to the questions!


QftQ: Archimonde. The burning legion is stuck in alternate universes like everyone else, so there are two distinct Archimondes? This one has no relation to the one we killed? As a raid boss again, is he killable? I thought the generals in Sargeras’s army were basically unkillable. With Kil’jaden, we only drove him back. With the original Archimonde, the mortals didn’t so much kill him as wisps and ghostly ancestors brought him down. Does that mean we can’t kill him, and an NPC (or ghosts again) get the kill? Also, we killed Velen, we’ll probably kill Archi, we don’t get a shot at KJ?

Archimonde very much absolutely died on our world. He was pretty much blown to bits along with the majority of Nordrassil. Kil’jaeden didn’t die, he was simply pulled back into the Twisting Nether, which you can plainly see happen during the final Sunwell encounter. As far as this Draenor version of Archimonde, we don’t know if he’s “killable” or not, nor do we know who kills him, if we have help, if he dies for good or is simply pulled back into the Nether, what we loot or how we loot it. It’s too early in the PTR and he hasn’t even been made available for testing yet.


I have a level 3 inn on two characters. All of my alts seem to have the gold missions unlocked – does having one character with the inn unlock this, or have they made those missions baseline?

Access to the blueprints for the inn is account wide, but Treasure missions are not. You’ll still see missions that offer gold rewards, but the ones that offer the really big gold rewards won’t be available to you unless you have the Level 3 inn.


QftQ: do you think it’s likely that that the Warcraft movie will coincide with the release of the next expansion?

It’s doubtful. The Warcraft movie is out March 11 of next year. If they announce the new expansion at BlizzCon in November, that would only leave them four months for beta testing, which is an incredibly small window of time. I’ve seen patch test cycles take longer, never mind entire expansions.


Q4TQ: Is it pronounced like “Maeve” or like “May-ev” or like “My-ev”?

It’s pronounced “My-ev.” You can hear Illidan say it during his Black Temple encounter — or you can head to this YouTube video of the kill and fast forward to about 4:15 or so to hear it.


2 Q4tQ:

1. For next week’s Levelling Bonanza, can the entire commentary consist entirely of singing songs from the 80s and 90s (or any song in general)?

2. Can we pick the songs they have to sing?

No. And, no. Trust me, you don’t want to hear that.


I see that the 4th episode of the WoW levelling is up, but havn’t seen the 3rd episode.  Have I missed it?

We managed to cobble the poor thing together as best we could, but the video quality is not top-notch and it’s missing about 30 minutes worth of audio. However, if you’d like to take a look anyway, you can find it over here.

That’s it for today’s Queue — be sure to leave plenty of questions for tomorrow!

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