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The QueueMay 8, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: I desperately want to talk about Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs

I’m not going to, because this is The Queue, Blizzard Watch’s own column about the various Blizzard games we all play, and I’m here to talk about those games with you via answering your questions. So far as I know, none of you have asked about Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs, and it’s not a Blizzard game, so I really shouldn’t talk about it here.

But I really, really want to. I want to write 600 words about how the dinosaurs would totally win. But I’m not going to.

But they totally would.


Q4tQ: Do you think Blizzard will do anything with Alcaz Island In Dustwallow Marsh?

In Warlords? Absolutely not.

In some future expansion? I have learned never to bet against Blizzard doing something I wouldn’t expect. Alcaz Island has history (former prison of Varian Wrynn, former home to Doctor Weavil) and if we had, say, an expansion based around Azshara and the naga making a move you could easily see them taking Alcaz Island as a staging ground.


Do you like that the legendary quest we’ve come to expect each xpac has changed into a story delivery mechanic for the masses that provides you with a nice but not really “legendary” item akin to Sulfuras or Shadowmourne?

Well, I dislike it any time someone uses ‘for the masses’ in a negative or derogatory way. Because we are those masses, and I don’t like it when someone tries to make being that a bad thing. That being said, I have all my legendary items in my bags – my Sulfuras, my Warglaives, my Shadowmourne and Thunderfury, and my legendary cape is right in there with them.

I probably won’t get the legendary ring this Xpac. I raid when I can, I play on no fixed schedule, and I’m in no hurry. If I get it, great. If not, not. Story delivery is why I still play World of Warcraft and so I’m not going to say no to more story. What I dislike about the legendary quest isn’t what it does to legendaries, but what it does to story development and delivery. I dislike having to grind away for months on drops to advance the story, and I resent having to wait for RNG to see if I finish it this week or next.

Frankly, I wouldn’t care if there were no legendary up for grabs, but I don’t like having to jump through weeks of hoops to get to see what happens next in this fashion. It’s bad enough when I have to do that for raid bosses, adding another level of it in this fashion demoralizes and disinterests me.


Q4TQ: Is there anything we should be stockpiling in advance of 6.2?  For example, I am trying to collect a whole bunch of Pet Charms in order to be able to buy new pets right away.  But it seems like many of the upcoming changes, there’s nothing to stockpile or get ready in advance.  Unless I missed something!

I think Shuanna hit the nail on the head – if you have crafted gear and you want to further upgrade it, you’ll probably need it to be 4/4 already so I’d stockpile Savage Blood and the other materials you need to upgrade that gear fully. Or you could just upgrade it all now and then you wouldn’t have to stockpile anything. Otherwise, no, I think you’ll be fine.


Q4TQ: I’m approaching 100 on my hunter and am currently outleveling most things in Talador by 3 levels and have even been given my spires of arak introductory quest at my garrison outpost, but part of me feels like I need to finish Talador first before moving on.  I feel like I’ll probably be 98 before I even finish it too, being more than halfway to 98 already.  Are there any benefits to doing the zones in order even when you’ve already leveled to max level on two other toons already or should I just move on already and come back later?

My stock answer in these situations is “Are you having fun?” and that applies here, but I’ll throw in some other stuff.

First off, if you’re max level when you hit Spires/Nagrand, then experience converts to gold, which is nice. Nagrand gear in particular can help you get into heroic dungeons if you get lucky on an upgrade roll – I got several epic quest items that pushed me into heroic dungeons before I’d even done the normal ones, which was nice for me. Since Nagrand quest gear is the highest ilevel, it’s the best for that kind of roll.

There’s no particular down side to leaving Talador now, and there’s no particular down side to finishing it. It really does not matter all that much. For myself, I finished it and went to Spires at 97, finished that and hit Nagrand at 99, dinged 100 half way through. And keep in mind that Gorgrond was glitched for me back then, so I actually went back and finished that at level 100 when they fixed the zone. It really does seem to be completely up to you.


Regarding game time tokens, aren’t they Unique? means you can not have more than one in your bags at a time.

I know there’s a limit of 10 to purchase them within a month but can you have all 10 in your bags or only one at a time until you use it and then buy another?

I bought two, had both in my bags at once, used them both from my bags. Yes, you can have more than one in your bags at the same time.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. See y’all next Tuesday. Dinosaurs would eat those stupid cowboys, except the herbivores, which would just smash ’em flat. Except the small ones, which would probably run away.

Dinosaurs are still better.

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