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Why I’m sad to see Stan, the famous T-Rex specimen, sell to a private collector for $31.8 million

Okay, if you're into paleontology at all, even just as a nerdy layman like myself, seeing the news that "Stan," one of the most famous Tyrannosaurus specimens in the world, has been sold to a private collector for a big ol' pile of money -- $31.8 million USD to be exact -- will likely cause you to have opinions.

The Queue: Only through the elimination of violence

So I watched The Velocipastor last night.

It’s not a good movie, but it is an astonishing watch. It’s a movie that knows just how weird, potentially bad, and completely off the rails it is. Saying it’s funny feels disingenuous — it’s a movie that is very deliberately crackerjack, a film that will present you drug dealing religious zealots from China who are also Ninjas in a battle against a disillusioned Catholic Priest who cuts his hand on a dinosaur tooth and becomes, well, you’ve seen the title of the movie.

Anyway, this is the Queue.

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