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Over 100 fossilized dinosaur eggs have been found in Argentina, and it could change our understanding of how dinosaurs lived

If you aren't big into paleontology, you may not understand why new evidence that Mussaurus patagonicus -- an early Jurassic Sauropodomorph related to later Sauropods like Diplodocus -- was a herd animal that lived in large social groups that broke themselves up by age is such a big deal.

Why I’m sad to see Stan, the famous T-Rex specimen, sell to a private collector for $31.8 million

Okay, if you're into paleontology at all, even just as a nerdy layman like myself, seeing the news that "Stan," one of the most famous Tyrannosaurus specimens in the world, has been sold to a private collector for a big ol' pile of money -- $31.8 million USD to be exact -- will likely cause you to have opinions.

The Queue: Only through the elimination of violence

So I watched The Velocipastor last night.

It’s not a good movie, but it is an astonishing watch. It’s a movie that knows just how weird, potentially bad, and completely off the rails it is. Saying it’s funny feels disingenuous — it’s a movie that is very deliberately crackerjack, a film that will present you drug dealing religious zealots from China who are also Ninjas in a battle against a disillusioned Catholic Priest who cuts his hand on a dinosaur tooth and becomes, well, you’ve seen the title of the movie.

Anyway, this is the Queue.

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