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The QueueMay 15, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Harness the power

Hi, welcome to The Queue, where we answer your questions about Blizzard games.

That header image will totally make sense once you get far enough into today’s Queue, I promise.

Let’s rock.


QftQ — where do you like to hang out when you’re idling (or guild chatting) in your garrison?

Honestly, I like to hang out over by the fishing hole or in front of the town hall.


Longtime player who quit before any patches in Mists. WotLK was my favourite period. Is there anything to come back for?

Do you miss playing World of Warcraft? Because the dirty secret of this expansion is that in many ways, this eleven year old game has not changed a whole heck of a lot.

Now, there’s stuff like the Garrison and follower missions, there’s LFR (you wouldn’t have experienced that, it first debuted in late Cataclysm) and Proving Grounds, but overall, even with the item squish and the change to talents in Mists, the game still basically plays the same. I know people who stopped playing years ago that are loving Warlords, and I know people who’ve played for years who are taking a break. If you like being able to solo queue for a raiding experience, do PuG raids across servers, if the Garrison sounds intriguing to you then I think you should give Warlords a try. It has quite possibly the best 10 level leveling stretch in the history of the franchise – better than either The Burning Crusade or Wrath.

I’m on record as being a bit disappointed with the game at level 100, but your mileage may vary.


D3 Q4TQ: So I was surprised to learn while leveling my Barbarian that the mobs can actually trap you in a spot if you’re not careful with your positioning (either my Demon Hunter never had this issue, or my vault did a good job of getting me out of it without realizing). How do you feel about this level of collision detection, and would you like to see something like this in WoW?

I loathe it and it’s why I always have Ignore Pain or Leap in my spec so I can get out of those situations. I really hate it when I die because I get some waller fire chains ooze on the ground purple lasers nightmare combination of death that there’s nothing I could do but run away from it – playing a barbarian you should never run away. Yet the game often forces you to. And this I don’t like. One of the things I like about WoW is that if there’s bad stuff on the ground, I can usually react and get out of it before I die. If WoW put in waller type traps I’d go insane.

Well, more insane.


Q4tQ: What new class could they add to WoW in the next expansion that would be unique enough to set itself apart from the current roster? Also, could the class involve me turning into a dragon?

It could, I suppose, but that sounds a lot like the Dragon Druid I made up when I first started playing WoW.

I’d like to see the addition of a third mail wearing class. We have three cloth wearers, three leather wearers, and three plate wearers, leaving mail the odd man out. So I think the class should wear mail. And I think the class should invoke magical power in some fashion, so it could tank or heal (preferably heal) as well as DPS. And I think the class should be able to turn into a dinosaur.

So basically, I want Dinomancers. Have them wear mail, tap into various powers based on dinosaurs (tank dinomancers are tapping into Ankylosaurs or Triceratops, for example) and boom, it’s a cool thing that’s based mostly on WoW.


The leveling experience being what it is, how likely do you think it is to turn off new players? Questing, dungeons, pvp.

Frankly, leveling is the good part of this expansion. I’m not worried about it turning people off. Now, if you mean actually leveling 1 to 100? It can be a bit daunting, but even without heirlooms and just playing 2 hours a week, I’m approaching level 40 on my monk. If I were playing more often, say 2 hours a day, I’d be 100 by now easily.

Frankly I wish there was a way for that awesome feeling of heroically exploring Draenor to continue once you hit 100. New max level zones with all new content? I don’t know. But leveling definitely isn’t the problem.

Okay. That’s the Queue for this week. Dinomancers whoo hoo!

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