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Discussion > Overwatch 2May 24, 2015 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: What Overwatch character do you want to play?

I know someone who was always going to be all over this immediately.

We’re starting to get a picture of how the various characters in Overwatch will play in combat.  Sure, we knew the character abilities before, but each of the gameplay previews shows those abilities in action rather than just in the abstract.  It’s one thing to be told how McCree or Mercy will act in a match and what their weapons can do, but it’s quite another to see them actually taking sides in battle and working with and against the other characters.

Obviously, we haven’t seen all that many characters in action yet.  But we have a clearer and clearer picture of the game every day, and you know the official site has a pretty extensive list of playable characters.  So do you have an Overwatch character that you’re already eager to play?  Have you been won over by gameplay videos that show characters you might have been lukewarm on before doing all sorts of cool stuff, like McCree taking down all comers with good old-fashioned gunplay?  Or are you still waiting to see someone or some gameplay element that makes you sit up and say “yes, that’s my guy!” with gusto?

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