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Discussion > Overwatch 2Jun 5, 2015 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: Which Overwatch character deserves a comic book?

Overwatch hasn’t even entered beta testing yet, so today’s question is based entirely on what little we know: if one (and only one) of the Overwatch characters revealed so far got its own comic book series, which character should it be? I suspect many people would say Tracer based on her mascot status, and she probably would carry a fun story, but I’m not sure she’d by my choice.

Symmetra, I think, would make for a compelling story. She’s a superhero, yes, but according to her character bio, she works for a massive corporation trying to build utopian cities. Does that corporation actually align with her goals of working for the greater good? If it does, does all of it? A corporation capable of building a utopian city is no doubt massive and labyrinthine; even if the majority of the corporation is working in peoples’ best interest, there’s undoubtedly corruption or dissenting parties somewhere on that corporate ladder. Symmetra would be dealing with both global threats and threats from within. Mercy would be another good one: she’s a surgeon, a medical researcher, and a butt-kicking saver-of-innocents. I feel Mercy’s story would have some spectacle, yes, but less of the fighting-the-bad-guys part and more of the helping-the-innocent part. Fighting the bad guys is usually the main focus of these things and it would be fun to see that intersection play out in reverse. “To save this person’s life, I have to kick butt” rather than “by kicking butt, maybe I saved some lives.”

Of course, the most likely form of media we’ll see out of Overwatch will be more in the vein of Justice League: an ensemble cast, all-heroes-welcome format. That being said, Justice League probably wouldn’t have been such a big deal if its ensemble cast hadn’t been established as awesome individuals. In that vein, you’re only allowed to pick one today. Or two. Because I couldn’t restrain myself from mentioning two.

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